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League Management Software plus a Website Platform

The GamePlan platform is actually two platforms rolled into one. Our GamePlan sports management software is bundled with DNN®, the leading ASP.NET web Content Management System (CMS) platform. Formerly known as DotNetNuke, DNN® includes a robust, full-featured CMS that provides simplicity in administration without sacrificing deep functionality.  Easily post new content, update last-minute changes and closures, and create custom forms. Even better,  with online registration and league management tools,  GamePlan does much of the work for you, and will automatically publish schedules, standings, and cancellations! With GamePlan, it's easy to keep all website visitors up to date through time-sensitive announcements, e-mail reminders, and a online calendars of events.

Why do we use the DNN® Platform?

Let’s look at it another way, why not? DNN® powers all of our client websites.. And of course, it powers ours too! Why? Simply because DNN® is a better platform than all the rest! It meets or exceeds the requirements of just about all the sports leagues and associations we've hosted.. Heck, with it's extensibility and security, even the U.S. Department of Defense runs hundreds of public websites on DNN®. Take a tour. See DNN's capabilities for yourself with a test drive at DNN Content Management.

"But I don’t want an 'out of the box' website!"

No worries! One of the best features of DNN® is it’s "themablility" and the huge list of built-in features. That means the look and feel can be totally customized to suit your needs. Using theme templates and CSS, you can be as creative as you like, and deliver any functionality you need. And it's easy to refresh your site’s design after a season or two. We can quickly and easily update your site with skin or color themes while leaving all your content intact.

We've got your website needs covered!

There are plenty of ways to manage website content, but only DNN® CMS provides you with powerful tools built for addressing the many needs of your sports organization. Toss in seamless integration with GamePlan sports management software and we've got your website needs covered! Make us your technology partner today!

Content Management System

Full Content Management without programming knowledge!

DNN® CMS enables you to edit content directly through any standard web browser without any technical skills. Simple-to-use inline editing tools make any rookie look like an old pro. The RadEditor utilizes familiar tools such as those found in Word and other popular software packages making quick inline content editing or full rich text editing effortless. Easily create hyperlinks between pages, documents and upload photos. Add and edit content right on the page using "Edit Mode." Stage and publish content on a page when it's ready for release. Page Management is also a snap! Dynamic navigation means pages appear where you'd like to view them in the menu based on your content structure.

Users and System Security

Whether you want your visitors to register or not, this is a vital part of the application as it controls both page visibility and page editability. This means that you can display different content to different site visitors, you’ve got FULL control over who sees what. Create private pages only approved members can view, assign administrative access to specific pages, and make sure messages are sent only to those who need to see them. This gives all of our clients the ability to use their website as an Intranet or Extranet site as well as a public facing website.

File Manager

With a familiar Windows Explorer like interface, the File Manager is used to administer existing files or upload new files from your local computer to the website. The File Manager is where you can upload files to your website, delete them, change their permissions, create new folders, share files with your website visitors, and many other functions! The File Manager also has native integration with the security system meaning that you can control who has access to what files. Easily insert images, media and documents using the Document Manager and Image Manager, all directly integrated with the File Manager.

Customizable Modular Framework

DNN is fully customizable and extendable by using template skins and modules. DNN widely uses CSS to manage the visual design. The most commonly used module is the HTML text module for displaying any generic content page. Core modules also include advanced modules such as announcements, blogs, forms, forums, events  and e-commerce functionality. Drag-and-drop modules for the latest stats, schedules, news and more wherever you want them on your website. An easy, powerful way to share the most important info.

Recycle Bin

Allows users to restore any content, modules, or pages that have been deleted. Very handy when learning how to use the system! Our clients love it when we show them how to rescue their accidentally deleted content at the click of a button. You can also keep versioned copies of your textual content, and roll back to previous versions if you make any mistakes.

Image Resizing

Resize images on the fly within DotNetNuke's rich text editor. The Image Editor feature is very handy when you don't have access to image editing software and want to quickly adjust the size of your images to fit within your content. You may also add an HTML responsive image element to ensure your images are viewable on all devices and screens.

Mirror Content

Create a page element on one page and mirror that exact content to multiple pages throughout your site.  Simply check "display on all pages" or add an existing module to a page. Either way, the content is duplicated and identical to the original copy.

Drag and Drop Functionality

You can design how your site is laid out by moving things around and deciding what goes where. DNN skins incorporate a built in "grid" much like a newspaper. Using "layout" mode, simply arrange your page content by "grabbing" it with your mouse and then "drag and drop" the content in it's desired locations.

Extendable Application Functionality

DotNetNuke is an expandable web application platform which means a large number of third-party applications may be added to provide functionalities which are not included in the DNN core modules. This means that if you need some unique functionality we can either add module plugins or build the requested functionality on top of the framework. 

Any Screen, Any Device

Smartphone? Tablet? Laptop? No more pinching, zooming, and side scrolling. Thanks to DNN’s responsive themes your website automatically adjusts to whatever screen it’s on – assuring the best presentation and the easiest navigation for all your visitors. Simply stated, your website always looks great, no matter how people choose to experience it.


Web Hosting

How do I maintain the web site?

As an Administrators, you have 24/7 access to maintain your web site. You may edit and update content and information that appears on your site at any time. It's easy to use and there is no technical expertise required to setup and maintain a website with Gameplan.

Do I need to have a web hosting service?

No. We handle it all for you. You won't need anything else to have a website. We provide everything you need to get your team, league or organization online in a matter of minutes. Website administration is a snap and the DNN® Platform make it easy for you to create your site and our support staff is available to answer all of your questions.

What about domain names?

You can use a domain name with your website, but it is completely optional. Domain names are really just easy to remember shortcuts for finding pages on the Web. You can use a domain name that you have already purchased or purchase a new one. Our support staff will be happy to help you register your domain name today.

Complete Support

When questions arise, you’ll never be on your own. Count on us to help you get the most out of your website.

10 Reasons to Use DNN® CMS:

  1. Easy Content Management
  2. Responsive Design
  3. Plug-in Module Based Architecture
  4. Plug-in Skin Based Layouts
  5. Built-in Security and User Management
  6. Built-in Event and Error Logging
  7. Resources Available
  8. Large DNN community
  9. Support
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