All soccer games cancelled today October 22, 2016.  There will be an updated schedule out soon for the remainder of the season.


We have an update to the weekly Wednesday practice:

U6:  6:30 start time - practice will go for approximately 1 hour

U8:  5:30 start time - practice will go for approximately 1 hour

U10 & U13 still a 6:00 start time - practice will go for approximately 1:15 to 1:30




U6 David Price - Dolan, Paige  /  Gan, Wyatt  /  HORVATH, MASON  /  Hribal, Tatum  /  Price, Kenzie  /  Rittenhouse, Eli  /  Snyder, Travis  /  Swank, Addison

U6 Bobby Debolt  - adams, joseph "joey"  /  Adams, Kennedy  /  Debolt, Liam  /  Humes, Layla  /  Upton, Carson  /  Wagner, Aliyah  /  Wagner, Macie

U6 Robbie Jones - Bell, Colten /  Black, Gianna  /  Chamberlain, Brayden  /  DeForrest, Emma  /  Jones, Zander  /  Orr, James  /  Shelkey, Gianna

U6 Brian Zavatchan  - Check, Olivia  /  Dumbauld, Jack   /  Lambie, Heath   /  Lee, Jackson   /  Lindstrom, Emelia   /  Nelson, Ava   /  Ruvo, Gabriella   /  Zavatchan, Graham

U6 Jason Bandemer  - Bandemer, Luke   /  Bandemer, Sophie   /  Firestone, Emma   /  Greenawalt, Georgialee   /  grubbs, logan   /  Roscart, Logan   /  Tapija, Jayden

U6 Jeff Kreinbrook  - Clark, Mason  /  Geyer, Roman  /  Harwood, Dominic  /  Hixson, Gabriella (Gabby)  /  Husband, Ameillia   /  Husband, Enola‐Grace   /  Williams, Grace


U8 Tom Deason  - Bierhals, Dylan  /  Carnes, Brianna  /  Deason, Robbie  /  Hess, Shane  /  Jones, Finn  /  Lott, Keegan  /  Miller, Aubrey  /  Miner, Olivia

U8 Clayton Gregg  - Black, Colton  /  Gregg, Zander  /  Kirby, Hailey  /  Lilley, Jake  /  Lilley, Luke  /  McConnville, Claire  /  Mizikar, Ava  /  Wagner, Kaden  /  Williams, Cameron

U8 Justin Henry  - Henry, Carter  /  Lindstrom, Aiden  /  Pavlovich, Dane  /  Saxon , ciarra  /  Shallenberger, Dylan  /  Stewart, Myles  /  Tony, Satya  /  Triggs, Sullivan  /  Zavatchan, Abigail

U8 Rocky Richter -  Emily Bohinski  /  Burkus, Tyler  /  Gowatski, Ezra  /  Lambie, Luke  /  Lambie, Parker  /  Lloyd, Addison  /  Noah, Alivia  /  Richter, Brady  /  Tesauro, Jadyn

U8 Max House  - Galbraith, Bradley  /  Geyer, Remy  /  Holder, Logan  /  House, Shea  /  Kennedy, Adler  /  Leasher, Rylee  /  Mellinger, Logan  /  Pletcher, Brandon  /  Ptacek, Julia


U10 Jeff Rowan  - Blair, Preston  /  Brady, Nathanael  /  Galbraith, Ethan  /  Noah, Emmaleigh  /  Santore, Nicholas  /  Stewart, Cody  /  Urie, Abby  /  Urie, Matthew  /  Waggett, Madison  /  Zimmermann, Zander

U10 Keina Mastowski -  Bennett , Ethan  /  Brower, Everett  /  Burkus, emily  /  Jones, Hannah  /  Keller, Holden  /  Miller, Robert  /  Monahan‐Messner, Olivia  /  Nelsom, Michael  /  Shal, Alexander  /  Stanton, Cory

U10 Jeff Mahorowski  - BENFORD, ELIJAH  /  Black, Dominic  /  Colborn, Carson  /  Goforth, Alexander  /  Liston, Kayden  /  Maharowski, Tegan  /  Martin, Talyn  /  Prestia, Jackson  /  Ritenour, Morgan  /  Sharp, Madison  /  Soltis, Toby

U10 David Price  - Adams, Katelyn  /  Anderson, Tanner  /  Gonzales, Cheyenne  /  House, Isaac  /  McLaughlin, Tristin  /  Mullins, Logan  /  Nicholson, Haylee  /  Nicholson, Kaylee  /  Sepkovic, Cooper  /  Soforic, Derek


U13 Jack Crislip  - Copeland, Alexis  /  Crislip, Ellie  /  Kincaid, Max  /  Lindstrom, Brooke  /  Prestia, Eva  /  Roebuck, Eli  /  Smouse, Morgan  /  Witt, Lane

U13 Wes Hall  - DeStefano, Julia  /  DETWILER, KALEB  /  Hall, Eli  /  Hart, Julianna  /  Henry, Ava  /  Hughes, Zoey  /  Kennison, Alorrah  /  Traynor, Bailey

U13 Steve Cross  - Burkus, amy  /  Cross, Braden  /  Edwards, Bryson  /  Monahan‐Messner, Melanie  /  Soltis, Breanna  /  Stanton, Kasey  /  Tikey, Abby

Fall Season will start

SEPT 17th

Due to the extreme flooding and devastation that occurred in our area, the Board has decided to postpone the start of the season by one week. 

We now have coaches for each team.  Coaches will be reaching out to the parents, but please be patient as some have not had time to make calls due to their support of the relief efforts.

OPENING DAY is September 17th.

Picture Day is September 17th.

Stay Tuned!

Want to get involved?

Connellsville Soccer Club is an all-volunteer youth soccer organization and relies on dedicated individuals like yourself for all aspects of youth soccer operations and business related activities. Please contact us for more information on how you can join our team.

The Connellsville Soccer Club is proud to announce a partnership with Eurosport. Purchase all your Soccer Needs at Eurosport and get great deals and help your Club in the process.

Soccer Weather in Connellsville



Beginning November 7th at Shallenberger Recreational Center in Scottdale, PA, young athletes will be immersed in our competitive 14-week program that includes technical soccer training, accompanied by speed and strength conditioning.

Former Riverhounds defender Sterling Flunder leads a training program featuring a rotation of coaches from The Riverhounds Academy including members of the professional team and its technical staff.

The Training Academy is designed to help develop skills for all young soccer players looking to grow in the game!  Regardless of affiliation, ALL players are welcome. Two tiers will be offered for each age group, with players separated based upon technical ability. Changes to the groups can be made at any time by The Riverhounds Academy East staff. The tiered system introduces participants to the initial steps in a player identification process that will shape future initiatives in the east. 

There will be a limit on numbers per group to ensure a professional learning environment.


Use the code 25CSC for $25 off programming (See Below in Pricing Section).


For those interested in registering multiple children/and or teams should contact Sterling Flunder directly at - Sterling will help you through an easy registration process and guarantee you receive the applicable discounts!


Futures (ages 4-6)

U8/9 (2008 and 2009 birth years)

U10/11 (2007 and 2006 birth years)

U12/13 (2005 and 2004 birth years)

U14/15 (2003 and 2002 birth years)

U16/17/18 (2001/2000/1999 birth years)


Shallenberger Recreational Center

595 Dexter Rd

Scottdale, PA 15683




5:30-6:30 FUTURES 1&2

6:30-8:00 16/17/18 GIRLS (5:30-6:30)

8:00-9:30 16/17/18 BOYS (7:00-8:00)


5:30-7:00 14/15 GIRLS T2 (7:00-7:45)

7:00-8:30 14/15 GIRLS T1 (6:15-7:00)


5:30-7:00 14/15 BOYS T2 (7:00-7:45)

7:00-8:30 14/15 BOYS T1 (6:15-7:00)


5:30-7:00 12/13 GIRLS T2 (7:00-7:45)

7:00-8:30 12/13 GIRLS T1 (6:15-7:00)


5:30-7:00 12/13 BOYS T2 (7:00-7:45)

7:00-8:30 12/13 BOYS T1 (6:15-7:00)


10:00AM-11:30AM 10/11 BOYS/GIRLS T1 (11:30AM-12:15PM)

11:30AM-1:00PM 10/11 BOYS/GIRLS T2 (10:45AM-11:30AM)

1:00-2:15 U8/9 BOYS/GIRLS T1 (12:15-1:00)

2:15-3:30 U8/9 BOYS/GIRLS T2 (1:30-2:15)


11/7, 11/14, 11/28, 12/5, 12/12, 1/9, 1/16, 1/23, 1/30, 2/6, 2/13, 2/20, 2/27, 3/6


Futures (ages 4-6)


$250 if you enter the promo code 25CSC during registration

Academy U8-18


$350 if you enter the promo code 25CSC during registration


Futures: $100 due at sign up. $100 due November 7th. $75 due February 7th.

U8-18: $75 due at sign up. $150 due November 7th. $150 due February 7th.


Every player in the Winter Technical Training Program is required to purchase a training uniform.

This will include the following:

Technical Training Academy Shirt

Technical Training Academy Shorts

Technical Training Academy Socks

Previous Winter Technical Training Program players may utilize their 2015/16 kits

After sign up each parent will receive a link to order through – estimated cost $50.

Once registered, email with the tier level of choice (tier 1 players are technically advanced compared to their peers). Request may be denied. Players can and will be moved between groups during the Winter technical training program. Groups will not be overpopulated. When they become full, the only movement will be players going up or down for competitive and developmental purposes. Get your spot early.

For questions regarding The Riverhounds Academy East Winter Technical Training Academy please contact Sterling Flunder at