Real-time Alerts

Location Closure
  • Real-time alerts are sent for any game schedule changes.
  • Teams and parents receive quick text message for any cancellations.
  • Officials are notified when using Assignr along with the GamePlan Scheduler.
  • MyGamePlanIQ* improves team communications the easy way.
  • Your coach can send quick alerts to all team members by text and email.
  • Everyone is kept up-to-date with just one click by the coach!
  • Important news and information is shared quickly and easily!
Scheduling Rules and Groups
Game/Event Cancellations

Automatic notifications are sent for any schedule changes or cancellations. Coaches and parents are immediately notified by email and text when games are cancelled. Coaches also have the option of sending text messages and/or emails to notify parents of schedule changes or cancellations.

Scheduling Rules and Groups
Rescheduled Events

Games that have been rescheduled are instantly posted on your site. The updated schedule may be viewed at any time. Coaches may have the option to reschedule their own league games if allowed by league administrators.

Schedule Flexibility
Location Status

Easily update field or event locations with details using the GamePlan Location Status module. Send an email/and or text to coaches and players by location or game also.