Official Management
Gameplan Integration with Assignr

GamePlan Rainout Rescheduling Communicating your game schedule to your officials couldn't be easier. Gameplan is fully integrated with - web-based referee assigning system. When you create and commit your league schedule in Gameplan, the game information is pushed into Your officials can select a game, be assigned to games based on their qualifications. If you rain-out, cancel, or change a game, your officials will be automatically updated with the change via text messages and/or emails. It's that easy!

Maximize Resources Integration

Full integration between Gameplan schedules and the official management system.

Simplify Management
Qualification-Based Assignment

Officials are assigned to games based upon a template-driven qualification system, ensuring that only appropriate individuals officiate games!

Rule-Based Rescheduling

Individuals impacted by cancellations and changes are notified immediately and according to their preferences.