GamePlan features are designed to improve the way you run your league or association.


Common Tasks for Administrators

GamePlan makes Common Tasks Uncommonly Easy!

Just a couple of quick clicks of a mouse and you're done! Most tasks only take a few minutes of your valuable time, leaving you to do what you do best, manage or coach youth sports. Our features and flexibility makes it easy to create and manage any sports program. Since 1997, as one of the original sports management software solutions, GamePlan has evolved to be a leading provider of online software solutions for youth sports and athletic organizations across the USA.

Start a New League

Quick & Easy Setup Start from scratch and begin collecting signups in a few minutes! Flexible configuration allows you to easily setup a new  league based on your own parameters. Easily add divisions, teams, locations, volunteers and much more! GamePlan allows various types of registrations for your league, ranging from entire-team registration, individual player registration, work duty programs, and much more! Whatever you need, GamePlan is there to help you. Read more ...

Add a New Team

Quickly add a new team to a league or division. Our registration wizard completes the process in a couple of minutes. Simply open the wizard and follow the prompts. It's that easy! Once the team is added, you may enter team members, standings, scheduling black out dates,  custom schedules and more.

Add a New Player

Every administrator is faced with adding or moving new players to a team. With GamePlan you may easily add and move players between teams and leagues. The registration wizard allows administrators to create or move players as necessary. During the simple process, administrators may assign players to a team plus complete any required liability waivers, custom agreements, fundraising programs, work duty and buyout programs, and much more! 

View Today's Games

Who's playing today? Its easy to know with two clicks of your mouse. You may even view today's games by location. Today's games may even be displayed on the website with our GamePlan Public Reports module.

Update Today's Scores

Who won? Who's leading in the standings? Easily enter and update game results with our Result Entry Form. When using the integrated GamePlan Scheduler, results are displayed on the team schedule and may also be reported in team standings using the GamePlan Public Reports module.

Cancel Today's Games

Easily Manage Rain Outs and Cancellations - Just One Click to Make the Rain Go Away!
GamePlan Scheduler makes managing rain outs and cancellations easy. GamePlan also  includes an industry leading, advanced rescheduling system, which can among many other functions automatically:
- Real-time alerts to coaches & players sent by email & text
- Update location status module
- Display status of cancelled games as rescheduled or pending
- Just one-click and you're done!

View Today's Volunteers

Who's working the concession stand today? Take a quick look at who  is scheduled today. Does your league have other work duties for volunteers? With only a couple of clicks, view who signed up for today's activities. You may even sort volunteers and signups by team and date. Take the guesswork of volunteer management!

Summed up, what is Gameplan?

GamePlan provides everything you need to set up a website for your sports team, league, or organization. GamePlan enables sport organizations of all sizes to save time, stay organized and receive real-time updated information on registrations, scheduling changes, financial information and more from anywhere in the world.

Our organizational software will help you all of your league management and administration needs AND allow your parents & players, coaches & managers, family & friends to keep up with all the latest news, schedules, & scores AND view pictures and video highlights  AND enjoy a variety of other great features designed specifically for team managers and leagues administrators.

Most Popular GamePlan Tools:

  1. Player & Team Registration
  2. Volunteer Management
  3. Website Builder with DNN® CMS
  4. Gameplan Scheduler
  5. Rainout Rescheduler
  6. Tournament Management
  7. Assignr Officials Integration
  8. Newsletters & Email
  9. Team Standings
  10. MyGamePlan IQ* Team & Parent Portals
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