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League Organization and Administration shouldn't require an M.B.A.

MANAGE YOUR LEAGUE LIKE A PRO It doesn’t take an advanced degree or an IT guru to deliver major league results to your league. In fact, GamePlan is the simplest way to manage a large number of administrative tasks in one simple program. Intuitive sports management software for leagues and teams of all sizes. Accomplish more with GamePlan’s cloud-based software and tools. From our League and Teams Center you can handle everything from the front-office to the back-office. Here's a quick peek inside:

Leagues and Teams

Get up and running quickly! Create a new season or league in a few minutes. Team and player registrations are automatically created with a new league or season. Simply add details and specifics as needed. Define the type of league schedule to be used, age ranges for each desired division, add game or practice locations, scheduling options, ad a few more parameters and your new season is ready to go!

Team Assignments Once the season is created and registration is open, assign players to teams or let players select their team during registration. Parents and players are notified of their team placement and since rosters are integrated with online registration, you'll be ready for the first game in no time! Once teams are created, access team rosters with a click and communicate with the whole league, division, team or player in an instant.

Team and Parent Portals
And the best part is MyGamePlanIQ is integrated with online registration meaning easier access to team information for players and coaches.

Locations and Events

League Administrators for GamePlan have several options for adding locations for your organization's games and events. You may manually add each location for your league, upload a file to load all your locations at once, or you may choose to import locations from another existing league or season. Once a location is created, easily define the times the location is available for games and practices, which divisions or teams use the facility or field, and other pertinent details. After all of the details and rules have been entered, let our GamePlan Scheduler do the hard work and create the schedule for you or you may choose to enter or move games, practices or events as desired. In the event of Rain Outs or Cancellations, just a few clicks to cancel all games or events or by location and time.


You're in control! GamePlan provides sophisticated scheduling services tailored to the way your organization operates. Utilizing a unique and advanced rule-based engine, our scheduling system is able to provide a schedule that meets your needs with virtually no limitations. Rules may be applied at a highly-granular level, and we offer a variety of flexible rule templates that may be composed for complex scheduling needs. Additionally, GamePlan provides sophisticated scheduling services customized to the way your organization operates. To forecast capacity and evaluate team maximums, introduce planning teams when the actual team is not yet known. Rapid schedule generation allows the planning of many scenarios to determine which constraints are optimal for your organization.

Flexibility Most scheduling systems impose schedule types, game counts, and other constraints on an organization. We take the opposite approach — you supply us with a set of rules that define how your organization operates, and we generate a schedule that conforms to those rules. Rules can be as specific or as general as needed; apply them to individual teams or across entire leagues. Enforce rules by day, apply them only across certain hours, and relax enforcement to meet advanced requirements. Avoid scheduling conflicts with your coaches before the league schedule is created. Allow coaches to enter "blackout" dates, giving them more control of their own schedules and saving you phone calls and headaches.

Volunteers, Work Duties and Signups

Easier Volunteer Management Volunteers are the heart and soul of many sports leagues and are often vital to success. Getting the people who support your sports league or association organized is just as important as getting the players organized. Make the most of their help with GamePlan’s online volunteer management system. Our software has all the functionality you need to carry out your staffing plan and mobilize your volunteers. Increase volunteer numbers by integrating recruitment within the registration process. Volunteers may schedule themselves online or an administrator can do it for them. The volunteers schedule can also be automatically published to your website

Program and Schedule Signups GamePlan is just as versatile as the many skills of your volunteers. From volunteer signups or buyouts, selecting work-duty shifts, scheduling tryouts to signing up for specific programs, facility rentals, donations and fundraising options.


The Total Tournament Solution Round Robin? Single elimination? Double elimination? Bracket play only? Managing your tournaments with GamePlan is simple, quick & easy! GamePlan offers an easy-to-use integrated online registration and scheduling tool for your tournaments and events. No Additional Fees or Software Needed!

Quickly and easily set up a tournament. Add hotel information, register teams online and collect team information, create & verify team rosters, create your schedule, post real-time scores, send messages and announcements to coaches, players and fans. Our customizable registration process, intelligent scheduling with brackets plus automatic integration with AssignrTM officials management, and communications options give you total control of your tournament, from opening ceremonies to trophy presentations. Let GamePlan do the work for you!


The hub for parents, players and coaches. The one-stop search for league administrators to view detailed information for virtually anyone in the league. Here they may search and filter member data and information, update member registrations and profiles, even change player team assignments and send messages.

Privacy and Security Like most people, we’re very concerned about Internet privacy. And that’s why we take online security so seriously with GamePlan. All team, parent, player and member data is 100% private and password-protected. Only a select few administrators can access your team or personal information without specific permission from you and even then it's very limited. GamePlan  uses industry-standard security technologies, including TLS and SSL security on the login, registration, account screens, as well as on all credit card transactions. Rest assured, the bottom line is that GamePlan is as safe and secure. We strive to ensure that our sites are as safe and secure as possible. Additionally, we will never share your information with 3rd parties.

League Reporting

REAL-TIME REPORTS Real-time data is just a couple of clicks away and always available to use as at your convenience. Our reports are comprehensive and easy to use, covering how many players are registered with quick summaries about your league and divisions to detailed information about participants, parents, coaches, teams and volunteers. Just about anything a League Administrator may need is found here.

Summed up, what is Gameplan?

Gameplan provides everything you need to set up a website for your sports team, league, or organization. GamePlan enables sport organizations of all sizes to save time, stay organized and receive real-time updated information on registrations, scheduling changes, financial information and more from anywhere in the world.

Our organizational software will help you all of your league management and administration needs AND allow your parents & players, coaches & managers, family & friends to keep up with all the latest news, schedules, & scores AND view pictures and video highlights  AND enjoy a variety of other great features designed specifically for team managers and leagues administrators.


10 Easy Steps

Get Your League Ready for the Season!
  1. Create or Copy a New League
  2. Define Divisions and Age Groups
  3. Add Game and Practice Locations
  4. Create Team Registrations
  5. Add Player Registrations
  6. Add Volunteer Signups
  7. Set-up Registration Pages on Website
  8. Assign Players to Teams & Review Rosters
  9. Create & Publish League Schedules
  10. Email Teams and Players Important Info
  11. BONUS: Introduce Parents and Coaches to MyGamePlanIQ
That's it. Now you're ready to Play!

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