Introducing MyGamePlan IQ*

The Complete Team Management Platform to support your Team, Club, League or youth sports Program or Association

The smart way to manage your team!

Your sport's life is busy (really, really busy) and the team is always on the go.
Manage it all in one place with one-click!


MyGamePlan IQ* by Everysport:
The Complete Team Management Platform to support your Team, Club, League or youth sports program or association

GamePlan is the best tool I have found in my 13 years of youth sports management. For me, the unanticipated benefit was with board member retention. Because everyone's workload is dramatically decreased, our turnover since implementing the system has been practically nonexistent. I recommend the system to any organization confronted with rapid growth and needing quality volunteerism.

Ed Hemmann - President, Chesterfield Athletic Association


MyGamePlan IQ* Features & Details


  • Quickly add players, parents, coaches, and team managers.
  • Invite family, friends and followers to join the team and keep everyone up-to-date!
  • Gameplan automatically loads players for your team as they sign up.
  • Since rosters are automatically loaded, coaches can create game day lineups with positions.
  • Directly contact team members by text, phone, or instant message.


  • Create a schedule for the entire season. Simply add practices, games or team meeting with details.
  • Send invites out to team members all at once and wait for their attendance RSVP.
  • Subscribe or sync your team schedule with your personal calendar using our ICS calendar links.


  • Team members RSVP to scheduled events, practices or games right from their phones
  • Quickly see total numbers of attendance to help plan for guest players or extra coaching help.
  • When a team manager or coach creates a new game or event, notifications are sent to all members and players.
  • Send schedule reminders and information to groups based on their attendance status.

Quick Score Coming Soon!

  • Enter stats and scores right on the spot and get results to fans as soon as they’re final.
  • Game Stats are automatically loaded from your electronic score sheet.
  • Allows coach to assign official score keeper.
  • View team stats and results and overall league standings.

Emails & Announcements

  • Share important news and information quickly and easily!
  • Send bulk emails to the entire team, just the parents, other coaches, or to individuals .

Text & Email Alerts

  • Improve your team communications the easy way.
  • Send quick alerts to all team members by text and email.
  • Keep everyone up-to-date with just one click!
  • Real-time alerts for any game schedule changes.

Payments Coming Soon!

  • Players can make payments directly to their coach by credit card for team fees.
  • Coaches can collect player fees directly via credit card payments.

Moderate Posts

  • “Tell the world something…” with the Team Journal. Allow team members and followers to to upload new files, Share Photos, Links, and Tag Team Members
  • Coaches control what is posted in the comments section, approve photos, videos, and posts from followers before they go public.

Team Feed

  • The Team Web-page keeps players, parents, and followers up to date with important team information.
  • Create your own social network right on your team page.
  • Team Feed allows you and your team to communicate with each other through the Team App - never miss the latest changes!
  • Quick access to coach and team manager contact information.

Photo Albums & Video Gallery

  • Share photos and memories with your team and fans. Let everyone add their own photos to the collection for everyone to see.
  • Upload unlimited number of pictures and create as many photo albums as you wish.
  • Share highlight videos so fan and followers can see the best moments of the game!

Forms, Files & Docs Coming Soon!

  • Upload documents, files, and forms in any format for download by your team.
  • Allow players to upload required documents for your league or team.

Privacy & Security

  • All team data is safe and secure meaning it's password-protected and private.
  • Specific permission is needed for anyone to access your team info.

Scholarship Search Coming Soon!

  • Looking to play a sport at the collegiate level?
  • Find collage scholarships based on your academic and/or athletic abilities.
  • Players may communicate directly with college coaches or academic counselors.


And much more...

  • Communicate directly with teammates using the Gameplan Team App.
  • Get real-time alerts for rain-outs and schedule changes.
  • Add parents or guests as a Fan or Follower.
  • Confirm or reject players on the team roster.