BNBA Gold – High School Travel Baseball

The BNBA’s elite division for players at the high school level is the BNBA Gold. This division provides the highest quality and most competitive baseball experience for players who attend one of the five Bloomington-Normal high schools. Through the cooperation and expertise of the five high school’s varsity baseball coaches, Gold teams are assembled at the 15, 16, 17 and 18 year olds as they align with the Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior players. Below is the general philosophy of each of the four age groups.

  • 15’s – Primary focus on player development with secondary emphasis on wins and losses or player exposure. 
  • 16’s – Continued focus on player development with increased emphasis on winning and player exposure. 
  • 17’s – Provides the most intense schedule with the intent to showcase players for collegiate exposure. 
  • 18’s – Provides a quality schedule for players to maintain skills as they move on to play college baseball.

Tryouts for these teams are conducted in the fall in advance of the following summer baseball season. The rosters are composed of the top 12-15 players for each of the four age groups. Teams are generally coached by a high school or junior high coach, or in some cases a college coach.

The BNBA’s goals for these teams are as follows: 

  • To promote an environment that provides a competitive development experience and allows players to develop their baseball talents to the highest level possible.
  • To build character and instill values of sportsmanship within its players.
  • To provide an environment in which all players are able to have an enjoyable experience and build life-long friendships.
  • To assemble teams that compete at the highest level possible and strive for the highest level of success.
  • To promote baseball within the Bloomington-Normal community, and to be positive ambassadors for the Bloomington-Normal community.

Game play generally starts around June 1 and concludes at the end of July. Teams schedule between 35 and 50 games and the majority of play is through tournaments. The number of out of town (overnight stay) tournaments is regulated for each age group in an attempt to control costs.



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