In House League Rules

The goal of the Bloomington Normal Baseball Association is to provide a program where players have opportunity to play baseball in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere. Parents that have signed up their child to participate in our summer program have agreed to the following code of conduct for all players, fans and parents attending these summer games.Players, fans and parents will be expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all games. They will need to control their emotions at all times, whether they are dealing with other parents, coaches, umpires, teammates or an opposing player. Inappropriate facial expressions, gestures, body language, foul language and racial slurs are inexcusable. A player, coach or fan acting in an inappropriate manner may receive a suspension, or in extreme cases be suspended for the remainder of the season. The league rules are available at the bottom of this page. Once again the goal of the BNBA is to provide a baseball program that is both instructional and enjoyable for all involved. We appreciate your participation in the BNBA program and look forward to providing your player a positive summer experience.

 2018 League Rules

Field Light Directions


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