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BACKGROUND: In any youth sports program, it can be a challenge to find the proper balance between a natural desire to win and the concept of individual player development. In the short run, most team's performance can be temporarily improved if the coach "shortens the bench" and only skates certain players. Experience teaches us that in the long run, this type of coaching crutch creates a counterproductive class system amongst players that ultimately hurts team camaraderie, reduces player confidence, and ruins the experience for kids and parents. CHA PHILOSOPHY: The CHA policy is that emphasis is placed on the individual development of every player on the team. This is a higher priority than winning and one of the distinguishing factors between Tier I and Tier II programs. During the course of the season, coaches have an obligation to help each player on their team gain the most development possible. Each player should be taught, practice, and get game-experience during close games, power plays, penalty kills, and other special situations. A successful CHA coach is measured not by how many times he shortened his bench to win games, but rather by how few times he needed to shorten his bench because he did an effective job of teaching, practicing and preparing all his players to contribute to the success of his team.

ICE TIME ALLOCATION: Absent a situation involving behavioral issues, CHA has a club policy of "even ice time over the course of a season." This isn't the same as even ice time in every game but means when a coach shortens the bench during a game, the players who were shorted should eventually be given extra make-up time during a game in the near future. While this isn't a precise process, it's important that all players should be afforded the opportunity to gain practice and game experience playing every type of situation during a hockey game, so they'll be prepared for such roles on future teams.



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