Fullers Park Potential Closing Update


Attention East Marietta Basketball families,

As you know, last week the East Marietta Basketball League Board of Directors was provided with the schedule of upcoming 2019 County Budget Town Hall Meetings as well as the projected deficit for the FY2019 budget. Officials project the FY2019 (October 2018 - September 2019) deficit to be roughly $30 million.

The Marietta Daily Journal recently ran a front page article that discusses a draft plan for closing several Cobb County Parks and Facilities which would create cost savings of nearly $3.4 million, one of which is our own Fullers Park. While this is just a draft plan and nothing has been set in stone, it is extremely alarming to the Board, and hopefully all of you, who cherish all that East Marietta Basketball has meant to your kids, your families and the community.

Here is the link to the article available at plan-puts-cobb-parks-on- chopping-block/article_ 295bd99e-6851-11e8-9b62- ab6615f2acde.html

As a Board, we are asking that our commissioners, coaches, and parents try and attend one of the Town Hall Meetings (dressed in East Marietta BL attire), send comments directly to the Chairman and Commissioners, or phone the Commissioner’s directly to show how important it is to keep Fuller’s Park open.

Below is the context of the information shared with the Board by the Cobb County P.A.R.K.S. Department. Before final approval of the budget scheduled for July of the FY2019 budget, county officials are seeking public comments on the budget.

  • In an effort to prioritize the services provided by the County, the Commissioners have divided them into three categories – Mandated-Essential-Desired. The PARKS Department was placed in the Desired category and in difficult budget times, these will be the first services to be reduced or deleted
  • The PARKS Department is currently operating with 36 fewer full-time positions than it did in 2008. Of these 36 positions, 19 of them are in the maintenance operation division. Over 1000 acres of park land have been added to the system since 2008. The level of maintenance provided in the parks has systematically been reduced to reflect this.
  • While there have been no public discussions on the closing of parks or a reduction in services offered, it is understood that if this projected budget deficit is not addressed, operating costs must be reduced.

The final decision about the budget is made by a majority vote by the County Commissioners: Chairman Mike Boyce and Commissioners Bob Weatherford (District 1), Bob Ott (District 2), JoAnn Birrell (District 3) and Lisa Cupid (District 4).

The public may present information and opinions on the budget to the County Commissioners by email, phone, and in person during public comment sessions at commissioner meetings and at a series of public meetings on the 2019 budget.

A series of public input meetings concerning the 2019 County budget will be held in June and July. These are opportunities to hear pertinent budget information from the Commission Chair and for you to provide input concerning where you feel County tax dollars should be spent.

2019 County Budget Town Hall Meeting Schedule

  • Monday – June 18th @ 7:00pm – East Cobb Senior Center – 3332 Sandy Plains Road, Marietta
  • Tuesday – June 19th @ 7:00pm – North Cobb Senior Center – 3900 S. Main Street, Acworth
  • Wednesday – June 20th @ 7:00pm – Senior Wellness Center – 1150 Powder Springs St., Marietta
  • Monday – June 25th @ 7:00pm – Freeman Poole Senior Center – 4025 South Hurt Road, Smyrna
  • Wednesday – June 27th @ 7:00pm – West Cobb Senior Center – 4915 Dallas Highway, Powder Springs
  • Thursday – June 28th @ 7:00pm – South Cobb Community Center – 620 Lions Club Dr., Mableton
  • Monday – July 9th @ 7:00pm – Sewell Mill Library & Cultural Center – 2051 Lower Roswell Rd., Marietta

Board of Commissioners board meeting dates and contact information are as follows:

  • 9 a.m. meetings - June 12 & July 10
  • 7 p.m. meetings - June 26 & July 24

Commissioners Contact

Mike Boyce, Chairman 770-528-3305
Bob Weatherford, District 1 Commissioner 770-528-3314
Bob Ott, District 2 Commissioner 770-528-3316
JoAnn Birrell, District 3 Commissioner 770-528-3318
Lisa Cupid, District 4 Commissioner 770-528-3312
Dr. Jackie McMorris, Deputy County Manager 770-528-2610
Mr. Rob Hosack, County Manager 770-528-2612


Let's make a strong showing on Monday night at East Cobb Senior Center to keep our program going strong!!

See you there!!!!

Rob Stearns
VP Sales Ops and Marketing
East Marietta Basketball League

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Our Nationally recognized youth sports program is the most successful in Cobb County

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Our fall/winter program includes regular season games, a post-season tournament plus an All-Star Game.

Our spring boys program includes regular season games and a double elimination tournament.

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August 2017

Dear Parents and Players,

Welcome to the 49th campaign of East Marietta Basketball!!

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With an enrollment of over 1000 boys and girls from the 3rd through the 12th grades, our program is the most successful in Cobb County (recognized by the Jr NBA as their National program of the week in February 2016). Accordingly, the quality of the program is directly related to level of parental participation. In order to keep up our level of success, East Marietta needs your full support. More than ever, we need volunteers to coach as well as administrate.

We also graciously welcome any additional funds through sponsor contributions and rely on your charitable contributions to our Joyce Fox scholarship fund.Please check the box to contribute a little extra to help those that can’t afford to play when you are registering.

The registration fee this year will be$ 210 per child, if paid by the deadline. After the deadline the fee will be$ 230 per child. The deadline is October 1th for the 10U, 12U Boys and 10U-18U girls age groups and November 1 for the 14U; 18U age groups. Registration closes after the tryouts.The registration fee for each additional child in the same family is $ 200 (In order to get the discount, multiple players must be registered at the same time). As a point of record, over $ 190 of a child's $ 200 registration fee goes toward gym rentals and referees. The remaining portion is for uniforms, trophies, and other operating expenses. We exceeded capacity last year and had to turn roughly 70 players away. PLEASE SIGN UP EARLY to get a spot to play.

REFUND POLICY: Refunds will ONLY be given if EAST MARIETTA BASKETBALL is notified PRIOR to the forming of the teams..There will be a charge of $2.95 withheld from the refund for processing fee.

DIVISIONS: D1 and D2 explained:

As in years past, we have 2 different skill levels (Division 1 & 2), for 10U Boys, 12U Boys, 14U Boys and 18U Boys. Division 1 is generally the bigger, stronger,faster, more skilled players. Both divisions are equally competitive.

Every child must register and attend tryouts to be placed on a team. If, however, the gym time that we are negotiating is reduced, or if we do not get enough volunteer coaches, we may be forced to reduce the number of players proportionately and refund their money. If this does occur, reductions may have to be made based upon the registration numbers, which are assigned in the order that applications are received. Completing the online application by the due date will ensure participation in the league for your child.

Tryouts/Evaluations are conducted for coaches to judge each player's abilities and equalize the teams. All teams in the East Marietta Basketball program are drafted with parity as the ultimate goal.It is therefore mandatory that all players get evaluated at the tryout.It is possible your child could lose his/her spot and be placed on a waiting list should they not attend.(Please note: 14U Boys; and 18U Boys start their season later and do not have tryouts until November 6th and 12th).

We unfortunately cannot accommodate every child that registers for our league before the deadline. While registration is officially open until October 1st for 10U and 12U and November 1 for 14U-18U, we will start a wait list BEFORE the registration deadline once we meet capacity.  Thus, please be advised that your child may NOT make a team if you register AFTER the wait list begins-even if it's before the registration deadline. SO PLEASE REGISTER EARLY! And whether your child is on a wait list or not, EVERY child MUST attend the tryouts in order to be drafted on a team.  Failure to attend an evaulation will EXCLUDE your child from the legue. Players drop out of the league for a variety of reasons throughout the registration period, and we usually can accommodate a large portion of our wait list as long as those players attend evaulations (tryouts).  

REGISTRATION: Please go to theonline application link and follow the instructionsto complete the registration process. A credit card is required for payment. Please contact the commissioner of your age group if you have any questions.

Post Season Tournament
Please be advised our league is a competitive league. The season consists of 9 regular season games and a post-season double elimination tournament. Trophies will be awarded to the tournament champions and runner up teams. Our tournament is scheduled to be completed by February 10, 2018.

All Star Games
We will then conclude our season with our in-house all star games that are scheduled to be played between February 12 and February 18 2018.
Dates are subject to change!!

Please note that our schedule is subject to change due to school closings (inclement weather, school events, etc). We will do our best to minimize these schedule changes and will communicate these changes asap.

Practices are usually held on Friday nights, Saturdays or Sundays, with most games on Saturday and Sunday. Due to our limited gym time coupled with the length of our season, there will be some week night practices and games, but these are scheduled on a limited basis. The gyms used for games and practices are centrally located in the East Cobb area.

During the 2-week pre-season, each team will have 2 practices per week… after the season begins, there will be one practice and one game per week. A team may hold one additional practice per week but there is absolutely no requirement from parents or players to pay additional costs for individual practices.

Here at East Marietta, our league objective is to foster keen, but fair competition, while building character within the boys and girls. Together, with your help, we are dedicated to maintaining the standard of quality that has been established over the past 48 years by our predecessors.

One final thought as parents, we set the example and influence the atmosphere under which our children play and grow. Let us work together to insure that our children enjoy themselves and look forward to the games in our program. Let's have a great season!!

Prior to the formation of teams during the week of October 9th, please direct your questions to the appropriate Commissioner of your child's league. A list of commissioner names and phone numbers can be found on our web site After the formation of teams, your child's coach or assistant coach should be able to answer all of your questions.

Many Thanks,

Clark Humble

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