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Contact:  Dennis Foret  618.931.6082
              Phil Davis      618.656.3379

How did Bonne Terre Builders & Developers go above and beyond in their support of the EGCLLA?

The backstop area at our Big Hoppe field needed to be addressed due to safety issues, the concrete had become exposed due to the settling of the dirt. When the ball would go to the backstop it would often hit the front of the concrete slab causing the ball to ricochet back towards home plate at a high rate of speed putting the catcher, batter and umpire at risk of being injured.  We needed to add padding to the backstop, however, the design of the fence and the concrete would not allow us to just hang padding on the fence for an easy fix.  I contacted Phil Davis to help design a solution to our unique challenge.  Phil along with EGCLLA Board member and Field Supervisor Jan Caban determined that a wooden frame would have to be built to sit on the concrete and attach the padding so that it would cover the front of the concrete to resolve the issue.  

Phil called me one afternoon and said he and his crew had just finished a job early and were available to construct the frame for the backstop.  Phil and his business partner Dennis Foret and their crew met me at the field with all the lumber and tools to start building the frame.  They had about half the frame complete when it started to rain and I didn't think they would complete the project, however, Phil said they would work through the rain to complete the project that day. Bonne Terre Builders & Developers donated the entire labor for the project making the backstop safe for the players and umpires in the EGCLLA.

Bonne Terre Builders & Developers truly went 
Above & Beyond as a Team Sponsor and Friend of the EGCLLA.

Phil has been an EGCLLA Board member in the past and volunteered to be a Head coach in our high school division for the 2013 and 2014 seasons. Phil's son has not played in the league for several years, however, Phil continues to serve the youth of our area with his generosity and expertise. 

I encourage anyone needing to build, remodel or fix their home to contact Phil or Dennis with Bonne Terre Builders & Developers.

Phil did not ask me to write this, I felt that our league participants should know what he did for the EGCLLA.

Paul Johnes
EGCLLA Commissioner