Age Divisions for EGCLLA

  • Kindergarten: Tee ball (must be in Kindergarten during the Spring term to play that Summer)
  • 1st Grade:  Coach pitch    
  • 2nd Grade:  Pitching machine    
  • 3rd Grade:  Pitching machine    
  • 4th Grade:  1st year pitch with special rules    
  • 5th Grade:  Regular baseball with a few special rules
  • 6th/7th Grade: Regular baseball   
  • 8th/9th Grade: Regular baseball 
  • 10th-12th Grade:  Regular baseball


Kindergarten - 2nd Grade Divisions:

  • Team rosters are formed by the division league chairman using the school attended. 
  • Your child will be on a team that has some other children from their school. 
  • Special requests are not guaranteed. 
  • Kindergarten teams will play 12 games. 
  • 1st & 2nd grade teams will play 16 games.

3rd - 9th Grade Divisions (Player Draft Divisions):

  • Team rosters are formed by holding a player draft that is conducted by the coaches picking players from a draft list. 
  • Teams will play 16 games plus a post-season tournament. 
  • Requests to be placed on a specific team or with a specific player are not allowed in the player draft divisions. 
**Once the drafts are completed and the rosters are formed, no roster changes will be made and no refunds will be given.

10th - 12th Grade Division:

  • Coaches are allowed to form own team. 
  • Individual players will be allowed to register for the 10th-12th grade division. 
  • If teams have roster spots available those players will be placed on a team in the order they registered. 
  • Teams will play 20 games plus a post-season tournament.