More About the EGCLLA:

The Edwardsville / Glen Carbon Little League Association (EGCLLA) is a privately run, non-profit, volunteer organization that provides recreational summer baseball and tee ball leagues for children in Kindergarten through the 12th grade. We are not a part of the City of Edwardsville or the Village of Glen Carbon parks departments. We do however have our practices and play our games on city-owned and village-owned fields. The EGCLLA is organized and administered by a volunteer  Board of Directors. The Divisions of teams are formed by the child's CURRENT school grade during the Spring term.

Since 1955 the Edwardsville/Glen Carbon Little League Association has been providing the youth of our community the opportunity to play baseball in the summer.  From the beginning, men such as Ed Tibbles, John Schramek, Norm Rosenthal, Frank Vanzo, Dick Schmidt and others had a vision for Little League.  That vision remained the same with men such as Clarence Hoppe, Olin Schwalb, Joe Lucco, Ray Lynn, Jerry Wade, Jim Riggs and many more.  It's simple, whatever the Board of Directors do they do it so the kids can play baseball. 


All of our Board members are also volunteers and most of them have not had a child in the league for several years.  Here is a list of the board members, if you know them tell them thanks.  They do all the little things that make Little League possible.

Vince Allaria - 30 years (6th/7th Grade Chairman, 25 years as Commissioner)

Terry Hartley - 28 years (Umpire Chairman)

Ron Hicks - 26 years

Ben Maliszewski - 26 years (Treasurer)

Alan Schaake - 16 years (1st Grade Chairman, Field Supervisor, Picture Chairman)

Bruce Dickmann - 15 years (Equipment Chairman)

Jan Caban - 14 years (5th Grade Chairman, Field Supervisor, Mr. Fix It)

Brian Wendler - 13 years (3rd Grade Chairman, Field Supervisor)

Mark Pacatte - 13 years

Tim Fritzsche - 6 years (Kindergarten Chairman)

Mike Mosella - 6 years (High School Division Chairman, Field Supervisor)

Bob Wilson - 6 years (8th/9th Grade Chairman)

Dan Allaira - 4 years (Vice-Commissioner, Field supervisor)

Nick Kostich - 3 years (2nd Grade Chairman)