Mark's Appliance

How did Mark's Appliance go above and beyond in their support of the EGCLLA?

Prior to the 2012 season a refrigerator in one of our concession stands stopped working.  One of our Board members went to Mark's Appliance to purchase a new refrigerator.  When Mark realized the refrigerator was for Little League he decided to donate the refrigerator to the league.

Prior to the 2014 season another one of our refrigerator's stopped working,  I went to Mark's Appliance to purchase a new refrigerator.  I insisted that we wanted to pay for the refrigerator since Mark had donated on previously.  Mark once again refused to accept payment for the refrigerator because "it was for Little League".  Mark explained how much he enjoyed coaching in the league when his son's played and he wanted to help the league by donating the refrigerator.  

Mark's generosity has enabled the league to continue to serve the youth of our community as it has for over 60 years.  The donation of refrigerators has allowed the league to keep registration fees down and the lowest of any comparable league in the area.  

I encourage anyone needing an appliance for their home or business to visit Mark's Appliance.

Mark did not ask me to write this, I felt that our league participants should know what he did for the EGCLLA.

Paul Johnes
EGCLLA Commissioner