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Ellisville Athletic Association
EAA Glove
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Advertising Options:


Web Ads, Fence Signs, Scoreboard Space and other custom ideas for your business.  


EAA Advertising Policy:
1. Terms of contract shall begin April 1st and expire March 31st of the final year of the contract.
2. Payment of contract shall be made in full prior to placing sign order.
3. The EAA Board prior to any acceptance shall approve any contract with amended terms not in compliance with this policy.
4. Sign shall not be larger than 4' X 8'
5. Sponsor shall select field location where available.
6. Sponsor is responsible for providing all required artwork and logos.
7. All artwork and signs shall become property of EAA.
8. EAA shall approve all signs prior to installation.
9. Installation of sign shall be the responsibility of EAA.
10. Sign shall not be installed at any location in centerfield measured 15 feet in each direction from midpoint of outfield fence.
11. Sign shall not be installed on backstop and any location on infield fencing.
12. Any sign which contract has expired and is not under current renewal contract shall be removed. EAA shall notify sponsor of expiration and said sign shall after 14 days be discarded.
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