Background Checks Minimize
All Coaches and Managers are required to have a background check.

Eureka Sports Association provides several options to satisfy your background check requirements. Head Coaches and Managers are reminded that every adult working with your team members is required to have a background check dated with the current year. ESA will pay for up to 3 background checks per team.


1, Paid by ESA - go to First Check Applicant Screening and complete the form (SSN is required). This is a secure form with ESA being provided only the results of the background Check. We do not receive a copy of your SSN.

2, Paid by Coach/Manager ($11.00) - Go to Missouri State Highway Patrol website, complete the Name Search and provide the ESA Registrar a copy of the results.

3, If you have previously had a background check in the calendar year you are Coaching/Managing you can provide a copy of the results to the ESA Registrar.
Closed Team Policy Minimize
Player Assignment and Closed Team Policy:
Draft players will be assigned to non-closed teams at the conclusion of Player Registration and prior to accepting late player registrations. A closed team is defined as having at least 1 additional roster player (registered and confirmed) than a fully fielded team. For example; Baseball (10), 11v11 Soccer (12). The number of draft players added to a team will not exceed the number required to bring that team to a point where the team will have 3 substitute players. For example; Baseball (12), 11v11 Soccer (14). Managers/Coaches can accept/confirm a larger number of players if desired, but must be able to meet playing time rules adapted by our governing bodies. ESA will not assign draft players to teams that meet the definition of a closed team without manager approval. Draft players will be assigned by a combination of ability and registration date at the discretion of the League Coordinator.

Managers and Coaches are expected to keep track of the player registrations for their teams and confirm players as they register.
If an expected player by a coach/manager is not registered by the registration deadline, and the team is not closed, draft players will be assigned to that team before late registrations are accepted. Having a player on your expected roster does not hold an open spot on your team for that player past the registration deadline.
Coach's Reference Minimize
ESA offers baseball and softball player and team registration for age groups 7U to HS. Teams play in Eureka and at other SLCAA member parks. SLCAA USSSA rules for baseball and ASA rules for Softball. In some cases rules are superseded by SLCAA rules. You can download a copy of the most recent rules from the SLCAA web site. Team and Player registration for all leagues is available on the Registration Page .

New Coaches:

To register a team for the first time you simply "Purchase" a Team Registration located on the Team Registration Page. Complete all requested information and "Check Out". There is no fee to be a coach, the term purchase is simply a way to describe the transaction so your team can be loaded into our system. As a coach, you and 2 assistants are exempted from work duty. After you complete your team registration you will be directed to a series of links where you will enter your expected roster, exempt your coaches and other required tasks.

Returning Coaches:

Your team will not be automatically added to the current season. You must re-register you team as if it were new. You will also need to enter your expected roster and exempt your coaches from work duty.

Practice Field Reservations

All practice fields are reserved through the Eureka Parks and Recreation department. Practice Field permits will be distributed by your ESA coordinator and will be electronically returned to the Parks and Recreation Department. ESA teams can begin requesting practice fields beginning January 2nd. Non-ESA teams and ESA coaches that desire a second practice time will be allowed to reserve fields beginning February 15. The permits will be handled on a first come, first serve basis. There is a $15.00/hr light fee (payable to Eureka Parks and Recreation) for night time use of fields 1 and 4.

January 2 - Apply For Practice Permits (Will be distributed by your ESA Coordinator)

February 17 - Second Practice Permit Times Available

March 1 - Practice Permits Begin

July 22 - Baseball Permits Expire

Scheduled ESA games and City events are given priority over practice permits. ESA and The City of Eureka do not provide bases, mounds, marking of fields or other equipment.

Batting Cage Reservations

Batting Cage permits will be distributed by your ESA coordinator and will be electronically returned to the Parks and Recreation Department.

SLCAA  Forms

Girls Ranking Form

Boys Ranking Form

Boys and Girls Roster Form

SLCAA Protest Form


Baseball Rankings Minimize
ESA, as a member of the St. Louis County Athletic Association, offer the following levels of Baseball competition:

National - The highest level of competition available. Teams in this division are normally considered select because they control all aspects of their rosters and will often play over 40 games a year.

American - This is a mid-level of competition. Teams in this division are normally considered semi-select because they control most aspects of their rosters and will generally play between 20-30 games a year.

Continental - This is the recreational level of competition. Teams in this division tend to be designed more for skill development and will often complete their rosters from association draft pools.

Within each of the above classifications there are generally three sub-levels:
Blue-Highest level
Red- Mid level
White-Lowest level

Each coach is required to complete a ranking form (see SLCAA links above) each year where an assessment of their team is made. Ranking forms are due to the Boys Coordinator (see calendar for deadline) and submitted to the SLCAA board for final ranking.
SLCAA Bat Rule Minimize

Bat Rule: Section 10.09 The official baseball bat shall be round in cross section for the entire length of the bat, straight in length from end to end, and smooth surfaced in the hitting area. The maximum diameter is two and three quarters inches (2 3/4") and the maximum length is thirty-six inches (36"). Any material to improve the grip may be used for a distance not to exceed eighteen inches (18") from the handle end. The bat shall be constructed of wood, aluminum, or any other material or combination of materials. All non-wooden bats for ages 14U and under are required to be rated "BPF 1.15".  It is the responsibility of the team to provide documentation from the manufacturer to verify that an unlabeled bat meets the BPF 1.15 requirement. In addition all bats for ages 15U and above must conform to the National Federation of High School Associations’ bat limitations. The NFHSA regulations are the sole discretion of that body and are subject to change at anytime without notice from SLCAA.