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Mike Hubbard, ESA Board member  - Umpire Training Coordinator
Mike has been umpiring for around 30 years, mostly around the St. Louis area.  He is a member of the Greater St. Louis Association of Umpires where he umpired high school and collegiate baseball and softball, serving schools all around the St. Louis area.  As a member of the GSLAU he received their highest award, the Ray Perez Award for Umpiring Excellence in 1999.  Mike has worked countless district championship, sectionals, and state quarterfinals in both baseball and softball, and he umpired the 2008 MSHSAA state baseball final four in 2008.  On the college level, he has worked for several small colleges and the junior colleges in the area, and was honored to work the NJCAA Super Regional championship baseball game in 2012 at Jefferson College.  Mike lives in Eureka with his family and is the Teaching Pastor at Genesis Church here in town.

Chief Umpire (UIC) - Mike Lampe
Mike is a resident of Eureka and a lifelong baseball enthusiast. Beginning in 1974 he has umpired all levels of baseball and softball in Ellisville, Ballwin, Fulton, Kansas City, St. Joseph, and St. Charles. In Kansas City he was one of a select few asked to do men’s overhand softball which included several former major league players. Mike is the STEM and technology coordinator at Cardinal Ritter College Prep and has been a history teacher since 1989. St. Louis University, UMSL and SEMO have used him for the final student teaching certification requirement. He has been honored by the Missouri Scholar’s Academy and is a 5 time Who’s Who of American Educators nominee. Besides teaching, Mike coached cross country, taking teams to the state finals 6 times including a championship for which the NFHS named him Missouri’s coach of the year.

Chief Soccer Referee
Chris Belloli

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In order to be a West County Soccer Referee and referee games for ESA, you must be at least 13 years of age and successfully complete the training classes, field training and pass the test. Attendance at all classes during the week of training is required.

If you are a returning referee you are not required to take the training classes again. However, You will need to take the test on test night and it is suggested that returning referees attend the field training class as well. If you have any questions, please contact the Darren Koester at

If you are interested in Refereeing for ESA in 2017 please complete the application by clicking on the link below 

2017 Referee Application

2017 Referee Training Schedule 


Date: July 23 - July 27, 2017

LOCATION: Eureka Fire station #2 Southeast corner in front of Six Flags Park.


Sunday, July 23,2017       Registration from 5:00 to 6:00 PM     Class starts 6:00 - 9:00 PM.

Monday, July 24,2017       Registration from 5:30 to 6:00 PM     Class starts 6:00 - 9:00 PM.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017      Registration from 5:30  to 6:00 PM    Class starts 6:00 - 9:00 PM

Wednesda,y July 26, 2017   Field Training 6:45 PM - 8:30 PM - Bring your whistles and Shoes

Thursday, July 27, 2017    Registration from 6:00 to 6:30   Review 6:30 till 7:00 or longer if needed. Then take WCSL test. Test normally takes less than 1 hour to take.

You may attend the clinic at no cost. If you are a returning referee that has taken the course and received a passing score all you have to do is to take the current test and pass it.
If you are currently a USSF certified referee .All you have to do is to take and pass the WCSL test. (AT NO COST) ( Please bring a copy for the league to keep of your USSF card)


2014 Soccer training Schedule
2014 Soccer training Schedule


2017 Umpire Registration Minimize

ESA is no longer accepting applications for 2017 umpires that do not have previous experience. If you have umpired before and wish to ump this year please contact John Custer at

The age requirement to umpire has been lowered to 13!

Applications for the 2017 season are now being accepted. Please follow the link below. 

All umpires, regardless of experience, will be required to attend training and pass a final examination. Years of experience will determine the number of training sessions required. Umpires must reapply on a yearly basis and be 13 years of age by the opening day of each season. Games assigned and pay are based on years of experience. 

Year 1 - $15
Year 2 - $20
Year 3 - $25
Year 4 - $30
Year 5 and above - $35

All games (Baseball, Softball) are scheduled via an online scheduling system. All umpires and Referees must have an email address and access to the internet.

Field Crew workers must be 16 years of age, have transportation to the ball fields,  and the ability to work immediately after school from mid April to the end of the school year. If you participate in a High School sport that practices after school in the spring, you probably will not be able to work field crew.  - Web-based umpire scheduling used by ESA. All ESA umpires will be given access after completion of Training.

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2017 Umpire Training Schedule

Important Dates

  • County Tournament April 6th - 15th
  • Opening Day April 24th
  • Normal scheduled game days for 2017 will include Sundays (make sure to list Sunday availability in Assignr)


Classroom Training

  • February 237-8:30 – Timbers (First year umpires only)
  • March 27-8:30 – Eureka Firehouse (All Umpires)
  • March 97-8:30 – Timbers (All Umpires)


Field Training

  • April 1, 10:00 AM - Noon at Batters-Up batting Cages (All Umpires)
  • April 1, Noon -2:00 PM Eureka Baseball Fields (All Umpires)


Returning College Students - We understand that you can not attend training; however you will be required to pass the Umpire test prior to being assigned games.

SLCAA Rules Page - Click here to see all rules governing SLCAA games
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