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The mot recent floods again caused unimaginable damage to the Fenton Athletic Association (FAA) fields. We are are asking for help restoring and rebuilding our fields and facilities. Hopefully, we can get them into playing condition soon.

Although FAA has dealt with floods before, the most recent floods surpass the record December 2015 floods, again causing incredible damage to the park. The flooding during Spring 2016 inundated the Fenton Athletic Associations baseball - soccer park. Over 13 foot of water from the Meramec River and Yarnell Creek flooded Henderson Fields.

Hopefully, with a lot hard work and the efforts of countless volunteers, our fields and park will be ready once again for the summer and fall season. Efforts to restore the park are already underway;

However, we need your financial help to re-build our facility and make it safe so our children can once again enjoy the games of Baseball, Softball and Soccer.

Please donate to this worthy cause. We are a not-for-profit organization - all donations are tax deductible!

Your generous donation will help defray the cost of clean-up, field restoration and re-building our concession stand. Donations will also help cover incidental costs such as those for portable restroom and storage facilities during rebuilding and restoration.

Thank you for your support.

Donations can be made in $5 increments below.

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