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How do you know what to train for if you have never had quantifiable measurements taken? As the only NCAA Certified Sports Performance Testing Center in the Southeast, we first test players through our MySportSWOT™ Analysis (My Sport Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats Analysis).

With this testing, we can tell the story of what development path needs to be taken specific for each athlete. This is done from a general standpoint as well as from a sport specific and position specific standpoint through our sport specific skill training academy system.

Current Programs
Impact Sports Performance Utilizing a revolutionary overall athleticism training curriculum, our sports performance training program addresses all key areas of peak performance and promotes overall athletic progression.

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Impact Soccer

Impact Basketball

Impact Tennis

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About the IMPACT Sports Factory

The IMPACT Sports Factory is an elite sports performance training organization founded by former professional and collegiate players, trainers and coaches who saw the need to create a more comprehensive youth training format. Our mantra is “Manufacturing Better Athletes Period.” as training and development is at the core of what we do. From our Overall/General Sports Performance Training and Athleticism Development down to our Sports Specific Training Academies such as Baseball, Softball, Football, Basketball, Soccer, etc.), the IMPACT Sports Factory has a program to suit your needs.