North Jefferson County Little league Welcomes you to Imperial! 

 Registrations are open.  Early bird specials available for 2019 Spring Season..   We look forward to seeing all the players, parents, family and friends for what we hope to be a great 2019 ball season!

We are chartered as North Jefferson County Little League, but we will also be keeping the Imperial Youth Association name as well.  Learn more about Little League here.

We have divisions for everyone.   Players can play ages 3 to 17.  Boys and girls.  We are a recreational organization that is chartered through Little League.   Teams except teeball play throughout Jefferson County.   

Anyone in contact with players will require a background check.  Free to you.  This includes coaches, managers, scorekeepers, any adult or coach that will be present on the field either at games or practices.   


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Upcoming Events

Check our calendar for upcoming events for our organization. read more ...

Board Meeting

Check our calendar for the next date, time and location for our next IYA board meeting. 

Important Information
Please remember this important information:
  • Alcohol and drugs or dangerous substances are prohibited!
  • Firearms and weapons are prohibited!
  • No pets allowed!
  • No abusive or obscene gestures or language allowed!
  • No outside food and drinks allowed at our fields. This includes all parking areas.
  • No Smoking or Vaping within 25 feet of the dugouts or the concession stand; this includes the concession awnings and doors.
Those failing to abide by the rules will be asked to leave. Coaches are ultimately responsible for the behavior of their players AND those fans present for the team. Teams also risk a forfeit for repeated violations of these rules.

Background checks are required with anyone who will be associated or involved with players or teams.  This includes practices or games.  Must have a background check done.   Background checks are free but will require social security #s.  


Volunteers Needed: The Imperial Youth Association is looking for individuals who would like to join the board of directors. There are many new and exciting things taking place and we need highly motivated individuals to help out. If you would like to help make your child's little league experience better, please contact any of the board members listed above for a list of board meeting dates. We look forward to seeing you there.

Please contact our President, Sherry Lane  636-212-2070


UMPIRES:   Any teens to adults... ages 13 to adult to 101.... Any women or men or teens who may want to earn some extra money or just earn money on their own.  Its all a job.  Paid regularly.  Can be paid $20 to $30 a game.   Games usually start at 6:15 and end at 8:15.  Must be able to get there around 5:15-5:30 to set up fields..  Must be able to handle all weather conditions.  Training provided.  Register through Little League.   Its a great job for teens who are not old enough to work a normal job.   No workers permit needed.   If interested contact Earl Lane 314-713-1444.