Weigh-ins for Saturday have been cancelled. We are rescheduling them for August 15th. Every player must weigh-in to be eligible to play. Time and location tbd.


7/22/15 -NEW- Football and Cheer Registration Extended

Due to the large amount of emails and phone calls that we are receiving from parents wanting to still sign their kids up for the 2015 Football and Cheer season we are extending the registration deadline. We will probably have to close registration some time this coming weekend so that we can finalize rosters. This is important to finalize rosters so that teams can order their uniforms in order to have them in time for the first game. Please pass this along to your friends and family. If you don't see someone from your team last year, give them a call and let them know it is not too late!


Seckman 8th Grade Team practices

The Seckman 8th grade team will begin practicing on Tuesday, July 28th. 


Mini-Camp and Practice locations

Mini Camp starts this week!

Mini-Camp will be Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 6PM-8PM 

**No Pads 7/14-7/16**

5&6 year olds through 5th Grade will be at JCYA Field

6th grade, 7th grade & 8th grade Fox teams will be at Fox High School

6th grade, 7th grade & 8th grade Seckman teams will be at Seckman

All Windsor players will be at Windsor

All Cheerleaders will be at JCYA


Register for Texts to stay up to date!

Make sure that you are registered to receive text messages. Directions are at the bottom of our home page jcya.org. With the heat this week it may be necessary to cancel or push back practices/Mini-Camp later in the evening. We follow MSHSAA guidelines and we do not practice if the heat index is above 105°. We will push this info out as early as possible through Facebook and Text.


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Just a few Notes/Reminders.........

Great first night of football! Just a few quick items to discuss: 
1. No smoking at JCYA. A lot of the signs that we used to have hanging around the area have blown away in storms during the off season. I would prefer to not post signs all over the area telling people what they cannot do, I would prefer to create a more positive environment. I know that we ask smokers to go outside the gate to smoke but keep in mind sitting along the fence 20 feet away does not help the cause. These players are athletes now and the last thing they need while they are sucking wind is to be breathing second hand smoke. If this becomes an issue we will have to ban smoking on the entire property. 
2. Please pick up after yourselves. We do not have parent volunteer/workers on weeknights to pick up trash like we do on game weekends. Police your area and the area around you please. 
3. We will have concession open starting next week during practices with a limited menu of snacks, drinks and candy. 
4. We are still in the process of cleaning up the area at the field. We are a little behind because of all of the rain and the amount of work that has to be done for such a large area. 
5. The last equipment handout is Sunday from 5:30-7:30pm. This will also be the cutoff to register. You must be registered to get equipment and you must have equipment to practice next week. Mouth guards are mandatory next week as well. 
6. If you see something that needs to be done and you possess the skills to do it, let a board member know and we will coordinate to help get it done. 
7. We are in the process of acquiring a new scoreboard and hope to have it in before opening weekend. 
8. We have a lot of new players and families to JCYA this year. If you have old practice pants, or Jerseys you can share please bring them to help out the new players. A lot of players have pants from previous years they no longer need, don't let them go to waste! 
8. After team rosters are made official your teams will be ordering uniforms in a hurry to get them before the first game. JCYA has a policy that team uniforms may not exceed $100 out of pocket. If your team is ordering uniforms that exceed this they must provide fundraising options to keep your out of pocket expense below $100. Any questions, contact a JCYA board member. 
Most of this info pertains to those of you practicing at Fox & Seckman on our 6th-8th grade feeder teams also. 
If you have any other questions not covered here email me at jcyacommunications@yahoo.com or see me at practice. 

Mark Johnson



2015 Dates to Remember


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Have fun. Be a good sport. It's just a GAME!