JCYA Cross Country

  1. Solely for the purposes of geographical demarcation, the parents/volunteers of regularly registered students at each elementary school within the Fox C-6 school district qualify to form a team.
  2. Each team can only recruit athletes from their own school or else be disqualified. If a particular school does not form a team to compete, then interested athletes from that school may be assigned to other school teams.
  3. All teams are expected to form with a minimum of 5 boys and 5 girls. Each meet will include a boys and a girls race.
  4. All teams, regardless of meeting the required minimum of athletes, will be allowed to race at all meets, including the invitational championship. However, only teams meeting the minimum number of required athletes will be tallied at each meet for the purposes of a team ribbon. For example, a team of 3 boys & 3 girls will be allowed to race in all meets and each athlete may win an individual ribbon (top 5 or top 25); however, the team (having only 3 boys - not 5/and only 3 girls - not 5) will not be included in the tally for the boys or girls divisions at the meet for a team ribbon.
  5. Teams are to be recruited and formed of 4th 5th & 6th grade elementary regularly registered students.
  6. Teams will be designated by the track team color and name of the school mascot of the elementary school of recruitment. Teams may not swap colors or names.
  7. Teams will conduct practice a minimum of 2 times per week, with dates and times set by each team. A third weekly practice or home run is recommended and left to the discretion of the coach.
  8. Each team will follow the training guidelines provided in the coaches' clinic.


  1. This program is in no way affiliated with nor operated by/under the Fox C-6 School District.
  2. The program schedule runs from the start of school in August through final meets in October.
  3. Athlete sign-ups begin with the start of school in August with flyers, etc.
  4. The registration fee shall be $20.00 per athlete to cover t-shirts & ribbons. If funded,scholarships may be made available.
  5. Coach sign-ups begin in August with a coaches' clinic to be completed by each coach before Labor Day.
  6. Practices begin the week after Labor Day (the short week) in September and extend for a period of 5 weeks until the first meet.
  7. Meets begin on the first Saturday in October and will occur on the first 3 Saturdays in October. The third Saturday in the meet cycle will be the championship.
  8. Every team will participate in races each Saturday and every team will participate in the Championship. The championship is an all-team invitational.

Athlete and Parent Information

  1. The course for all meets will be a 1.5 mile course with a marked finish line.
  2. There will be 2 meets & 1 invitational championship - scheduled for the first 3 Saturdays in October.
  3. The first meet on the first Saturday will run a roughly equal number of teams competing in races schedule for 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM. The second meet on the second Saturday will run races at the same scheduled times, but the teams will be re-shuffled.
  4. The boys divisions will race at the top of the hour and the girls divisions will race at the half-hour, with awards following. For example, at 8:00 AM the boys division will race; at 8:30 AM the girls division will race; scores will be tallied and awards issued by 9:30 AM so that parents/parking will be cleared in time for the 10:00 AM race.
  5. The third meet on the third Saturday will be the championship invitational. All teams will race in the championship.
  6. Each meet will include the award of individual athlete awards (top 5 and top 25 ribbons) and the tally of score for the award of team ribbons (1st through 3rd places).
  7. In lieu of issuing race numbers, athletes will be "placed" as they cross the finish line by a line judge and will proceed directly to their coach at the coaches' area.
  8. Scoring will follow traditional cross country scoring. Only the scoring position of the top 5 runners of a qualifying team will be added for a point total for that team. The teams with the lowest point totals will be awarded team ribbons from lowest to highest (lowest score = 1st place, second lowest score = second place, etc.)
  9. Teams with less than the minimum required 5 athletes will not be tallied for team ribbons.
  10. In case of tie, the 6th runner from each team will be scored. In the event one team does not have a 6th runner, the team with 6 runners will win. In the event both teams do not have a 6th runner, the tie will stand.


To provide a developmental and competitive cross country program with an open-door policy - all interested athletes are welcome. The goal of this program is for each athlete to be treated as an individual and for his/her natural ability to be developed at whatever level they begin. Regardless of ability or skill, however, each athlete is expected to work hard.

Core Values

The goal of this program includes demonstrating and imparting to our athletes through each practice and each cross country meet the value of:

  • Dedication
  • Self discipline
  • Positive self-image
  • Respect for team
  • Respect for school
  • Commitment
  • Physical preparation
  • Respect for self

Four Targets

To meet the program's purpose, goals, and to have a successful program, coaches and athletes will need to aim at four targets:

Consistent Training

To become a good runner, athletes need to run. Being at practice and running with the team will help athletes develop physically. Remember, training with other athletes is what makes an individual run faster. Consistent practice lends to a healthy routine of running regularly.


To become a good runner, athletes need to work hard to improve. This does not necessarily mean winning races, but improving individual performances through hard work.


To become a good cross country team, athletes need to make cross country a high priority. In addition to training, athletes will need to focus on eating well, proper rest, and the hard work to become a better runner. Traditionally, cross country runners are also the people who work hard in their classes - our athletes will continue the tradition.

Have Fun!

Hard work! Good performances, supportive teammates and coaches, and a variety of running experiences will help athletes and everyone on the team have fun. The more fun, the more likely athletes are to become a lifelong runner.