We prepare our football players to compete with proper and safe techniques so they will learn to enjoy playing the game of football.
Our coaches' primary reason for volunteering is the kids' learning and enjoyment of the game.

"The way you practice is the way you play." Most football skills are learned, developed and improved at practice. We emphasize the importance of to each boy to give his best effort in practice, in as much we do in playing well on game days.

The Jr. Mustang coaches learn the system and drills used by the Marquette High School Varsity coaches. The Jr. Mustang coaches work very closely with the high school coaching staff during pre-season meetings and summer camps.

Players will be taught at least one offensive and one defensive position.

There will be at least one work duty per familiy. All monies that are collected from any concession sales are evenly divided among all of the teams whose parents/volunteers help work the stand.

Our program does not limit the size of our teams. We strive to improve every young man in our program. When team size (numbers) allow, we will schedule 4-5 additional "B" games above and beyond the regular schedule. This will allow everyone the opportunity to start and play an entire game. This will allow these boys to improve more quickly by getting a "full game" experience. vs just getting a few plays here and there. The Jr. Mustang Program strives to give each and every young man a chance to play and develop as a player and person.