Member of the Park-Rock Football League

The Jr. Mustang Football Program is a member of the Park-Rock Football League which is comprised of 8 middle school feeder programs in the area.    The Marquette HS Football Varsity Coaching Staff supports the Jr. Mustangs, its program and its money that is raised from this program stays in the Marquette Football family which helps fund necessary athletic needs for the program.

Junior Mustangs Mission Statement

The purpose of the program is to introduce elementary and middle school athletes to the fundamentals of the game of football, develop an excitement for the game and prepare them to hopefully play football at Marquette High School. The Jr. Mustang Program tries to develop and inspire the ideals of good health, determination, citizenship, character, confidence and leadership. We prepare our football players with all the proper and safe techniques so they can excel in playing the game. We stress the need for hard work, maintaining good grades in school and instilling good sportsmanship. The program is committed to developing young athletes physically, emotionally and socially through their participation in the Jr. Mustang Program. We try to lead by example and the coaches will strive to be models of good sportsmanship, fairness, respect and self-control as they interact with these young boys. The lessons learned on the football field today will help these young men become more successful off the field.

Players will be exposed to the game of football through the same system as those taught by the Marquette High School coaches. We strive for each player to learn at least one offensive and one defensive position. The Jr. Mustang coaches learn the system, techniques and drills from the high school coaches. We use Marquette’s specific plays, schemes, terms and techniques so our players are not learning everything “new” when they become freshman football players.


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