Football Fees: March 1th through June 1st---$325.00

Program Contacts and Head Coaches

Program Coordinator:

Tom Swaykus


Equipment Coordinator:

Volunteer Needed

Concessions Coordinator:

Chris Heeb (

8th Grade: Head Coach--Tom Swaykus


7th Grade: Head Coach--Mike Williams


6th Grade: Head Coach--

5th Grade:  Scott Thronberry



Physical Form

Physical Form

A medical approval form (Doctor’s Physical) is MANDATORY for every participant in the Jr. Mustang Program. The Rockwood Medical Physical Form can be found below and printed out.  The Doctor’s Physical Form will be collected from each player at the equipment pickup day or at the first practice on August 1st. Physicals must be dated AFTER Jan 1 of the current year. Do NOT turn your Physical form in at any of the Rockwood summer camps.

Rockwood Physical Form.pdf


Player Eligibility

 Ultimately the Jr Mustang football program is for boys that plan to go to Marquette High school.   Families that have completed the Limited Choice application offered by Rockwood School District are also eligible to play for the Jr Mustang  Football program.  It is inconsistent with our program guidelines for players to play for Jr Mustangs and then attend a different Rockwood high school. Players outside the Rockwood school district are not eligible and there is no exception process for this.


A common concern regarding football is the potential for the boys to get hurt given the nature of it being a contact sport. Concussions generally top the list of concerns in this area. The Jr Mustang football program shares your concern and takes the following approach regarding safety. First, the head coach and all assistants must certify with USA Football, the cost of which is covered by Jr Mustangs Football. This includes instruction on the Heads Up Tackling training which is designed to prevent concussions. The program cannot promise you that your player will never get hurt in football, but can promise you that we take a well-documented 'best-practices' approach to teaching the fundamentals to the boys as safely as possible. 

Other Sports

Many boys participate in other sports/activities during football. It is common for boys to play fall baseball or light-weight soccer during football. Some participate in Boy Scouts as well. Due to the time commitment of football, it can be difficult to have another sport, but it is manageable. It is not really feasible to participate in a select soccer during football due to the number of practices required for both. Also, some boys have played hockey during football season, but this is difficult.  It is acceptable to play other sports, but if the player misses practice and does not know the plays, it will significantly limit the positions the boy can play and likely their playing time. It is not fair to the others who commit to football, attend all the practices and know the plays to have the team’s success limited by players who don’t share the same commitment to this team. Still, having said this, some boys are quick studies and grasp the concepts with minimal reps.  So my litmus test is simply whether the boy can play his position effectively given the amount of practice attended, which is left to the sole discretion of the head coach.



Frequently check our website for program information: for updates on information such as game schedules, practices (times and locations), etc. Occasionally, practice may be canceled due to a field usage conflict or dangerous weather conditions. Poor weather conditions do not necessarily mean practice is canceled but, please check the website, your e-mail or listen for an automated "One Call" to your cell phone or home phone numbers.


We practice at 3 different locations; CRESTVIEW MIDDLE SCHOOL’S STADIUM FIELD, SELVIDGE MIDDLE SCHOOL’S FOOTBALL FIELD AND MHS’S PRACTICE FIELD.  Our grade-specific practice times and fields are still to be determined based on permit approvals. Practice start times will usually be 6:00 PM on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays with some Saturday practices, until the game schedule begins. Practice is normally no more than 2 hours long.

The first two weeks of practice we will go 5 days a week.

Players should arrive approximately 15 minutes early to every practice and be ready to begin promptly on time. 

  • The first practice will just be in shorts, t-shirts, helmets and cleats. 
  • The second practice will be in shorts, t-shirts, helmets, shoulder pads and cleats.
  • The third practice will be in full gear.
  • The fourth practice will have full contact.

****Parents/carpools should arrive promptly for player pick-up at the end of practice. Please be considerate to our coaches' own time commitments. 


Equipment will be handed out at Public Storage in Ellisville (near the home depot).  Players must be present in order to be fitted properly. Please attend during the following times: TBD

  • 8th grade:
  • 7th grade:
  • 6th grade:
  • 5th grade:

An undated equipment deposit check of $250.00 (payable to the Jr. Mustang Football Club) is required and will be collected at the time of equipment handout.  The registration process may replace this check with having your credit card on file.   YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE YOUR EQUIPMENT WITHOUT THIS CHECK or registration equivalent. This check will be held until the end of the season and will be returned to you or destroyed when the equipment is returned. 

Note: Failure to return equipment in a timely fashion after the season is completed will result in your deposit check being cashed at the end of the football season.

The following equipment is provided TO EACH PLAYER:

Helmet with chin strap. *******Do not attempt to inflate the helmet air bladders, as the helmets require a special needle. A bicycle needle will DESTROY the air bladder and it will have to be replaced.  All helmet adjustments should/will be done at practice by the coaching staff. *****

  • Shoulder pads.
  • Game jersey.
  • One mouthpiece (additional mouthpieces may be purchased for $2.00 or player can provide his own). Check with your orthodontist if you wear braces.

Players are responsible for providing the following equipment:

  • Practice jerseys.  
  • Football cleats and socks.
  • Water bottle.
  • Integrated pants with pads (1 pair for game and practice)(navy blue)

It is the player’s responsibility to notify a coach of any missing or broken equipment immediately to his coach. 

Note: DO NOT wear game jersey to practice. We do encourage the boys to wear their game jerseys to school on the Fridays before a game to promote school spirit and to all the Varsity games on Friday night home games.


Home games will be played at Marquette High School. Away games will be played throughout the West County area. Games are scheduled for Saturday afternoons. The games will last approximately 2 hours. Players must arrive one hour prior to game time for team warm-up. See the website for game schedules and field locations.
Note: Although playing time is not guaranteed on the 6th, 7th and 8th grade teams, “B” games are also scheduled during the season to allow opportunities for those that do not normally start on Saturday morning games. These “B” games are an integral part of our program. These games allow the kids more on the field experience and involvement as an important part of entire game. We strive to improve all of our players and find this method to be more effective than merely getting in a few select plays a game. 


Remember that football is a sport where discipline, hard work, competition, and sportsmanship are encouraged and required.   Our focus is on building team and school pride. It is the coaches’ intent that each player will be given every opportunity to learn the fundamentals and improve himself as a player and a person. It is also understood that each player will treat his teammates and coaches with respect. Your cooperation and support to help us attain these goals is needed and greatly appreciated.
Team parents are responsible for providing their own end of season party, if desired. If you would like to volunteer to help out with the end of season party, contact your parent rep. 

Pictures/Apparel/Pre Season Scrimmage/BBQ

Football pictures will be taken early in the season and you will be given the opportunity to purchase individual and/or team photos.
Order forms will also be handed out early in the season for those that wish to order Jr. Mustang apparel.

BLUE/GREEN game at Marquette high school
We will also participate with the high school players in a pre-season scrimmage/BBQ held at MHS on a Saturday, August  11th, 2018. More details will follow.