Preparing for Your First Day - A Guide for New Players and Their Parents

Please arrive early enough (30-45 minutes) to allow your new player enough time to get into his/her gear. You can check the display board in the pro shop to see which locker room your player is assigned to. If you have a female player, there is a women's locker room available. Players are not allowed to dress/undress in the rink's lobby. Also, parents are not allowed in the locker rooms without having first secured permission from the coaches and completed a background check and SafeSport certification. This is a precaution to provide a safe environment for players as they dress/undress for practices and games.

In terms of what to wear, don't have your player dress too warmly. Although it is an ice arena, players will be exercising and wearing equipment on the ice. A t-shirt or athletic tech shirt to wick away sweat is perfect, along with shorts that have pelvic/groin protection.

Remember to bring water or non-caffeinated/non-spiked sports drink.

If you are new to hockey and do not have your own skates, rental skates are available from The Rink Exchange.

Gear typically goes on from inside to outside and bottom to top. An example order is any lightweight preferably synthetic undergarments, jock or jill, shin guards, socks (tape the socks or use the Velcro straps on the jock shorts or a garter belt), pants, skates, chest protector, elbow pads, jersey, helmet, gloves, and don't forget to grab your stick!