PYA Parents Code of Ethics Minimize
Parents Code of Ethics
I hereby pledge to provide positive support, care and encouragement for my child while they participate in the Pacific Youth Association baseball / softball program by following this Parents’ Code of Ethics:
  • I will encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches and officials at every game, practice or other related event.
  • I will ask my child to treat other players, coaches, fans and officials with respect at all times.
  • I will place the emotional and physical well being of my child ahead of my personal desire to win.
  • I will insist that my child play in a safe and healthy environment.
  • I will require that my child’s coach be knowledgeable in the responsibilities of being a youth baseball / softball coach and that he / she upholds the Coaches’ Code of Ethics.
  • I will support coaches and officials working with my child, in order to encourage a positive and enjoyable experience for all.
  • I will do my very best to make the baseball /softball experience fun for my child.
  • I will remember that the game is for the athletes and not the adults.
  • I will fulfill work duty assignments and generally support the Pacific Youth Association.
Concession Stand Duty Coordination Minimize
Baseball and softball at the Pacific Youth Association would not be possible if it wasn't for the hard work and dedication of our volunteers.  In order to help ensure a successful season, we need your help!  If you were not exempt (team manager/coach/coordinator) from or if you did not buy out of your 2 concession stand duty requirements and you forgot what 2 dates you signed up for, please take some time at your earliest convenience to confirm your scheduled concession stand duty dates.  You can click above on "My Account" to sign in to your account.  Your concession stand dates will appear under the "My Signup Sessions" section of this page.

Concession stand duty is a fun and interactive way to help provide food and beverage service to the young athletes, parents, and families of our community.  When you show up to work your required shifts, there will be a board member on duty to walk you through the process and answer any questions you or any of the other parent volunteers may have.  Please dress in comfortable clothes and shoes and come prepared for a fun and rewarding experience!  Please note, as disclosed when you registered your child to play ball, there will be a $100 fine charged each time you do not show up to work your scheduled duty, no exceptions.

The concession stand is located in the ballpark at 650 S 6th Street, Pacific, MO.  We recommend that you wear comfortable clothes that are appropriate for the temperature outside.  The stand does have air conditioning, but on warm days when the grill, fryer and heat lamps are running, the a/c can have trouble keeping up.

If you need to change your shift, it is your responsibility to find another parent that is willing to exchange shifts.

If there are storms in the area, please check PYAballpark on twitter and facebook for cancelation notices.

Any questions regarding your concession duty may be directed to our Contribution Coordinator, Cari Marlow: or

We are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to join our team on the board of directors.

If you are interested in helping out in any way at anytime, please do not hesitate to contact a director on duty for additional information.

We genuinely value and appreciate your time!

Contribution Duty Requirements Minimize

CONTRIBUTION DUTY REQUIREMENTS - Please carefully read through these requirements:

The Pacific Youth Association is a not-for-profit organization, run by an ALL Volunteer board. In order to continue the tradition of a quality program and facility, we require each family to contribute a small portion of time working at the park.

If a family does not feel that they can make a commitment of time to help, they may elect to buyout of their family contribution duty.

Each family, regardless of the number of children playing will contribute equally, in a number of possible options as listed:

1. Complete two, 6 hour Concession Stand work duties (these can be filled by two people simultaneously).
2. Service as an elected PYA Board Member.
3. Service as a team Manager (your coupon codes will be e-mailed to you after you register your team).
4. Service as a team Coach or Coordinator (you must apply a coupon code provided by the team Manager).
The following options must be pre-authorized by the PYA Board of Directors:
5. PYA Park Maintenance.
6. Provide Skilled Assistance that is required by the association.
7. Team Sponsorship.

Pacific Youth Association will not be responsible for and does not trade or change work duties. It is the parent's responsibility to make certain that their work dates are completed.

If you find that you cannot carry out your scheduled work duties here are some suggestions to help you in this situation:
· Find someone on your child's team to trade shifts with or to cover your shift.
· Post a note on the board at the concession stand (This does not guarantee a trade. Until someone specifically contacts you, no one is covering your shift).
· Pay the fine ahead of time. Fines can vary and will depend on the amount lead-time you provide before your scheduled shift.

If a parent misses their work duty the Pacific Youth Association will impose a $100 fine, per shift. This fine will be charged to the same payment source used during registration. If this payment source is electronically declined, you will be notified and your child/children will be suspended from play until the fine is paid in full.

If at any point in the season your child decides not to play and you do not wish to fulfill your work assignments, you must notify Pacific Youth Association in writing that you have withdrawn from the program. You may notify us by e-mail at or mail your notification to:

Pacific Youth Association
Attn: Parent Volunteer Coordinator
650 South 6th Street
Pacific, MO 63069

If you fail to notify Pacific Youth Association in writing you will be responsible for any fines associated with missed work duties

Failure to pay any fines will result in your suspension from participating with any of the member associations in the St. Louis County Athletic Association, until the fine is paid in full.