Our Mission
Simply stated - our mission at
Two Four Sports Network
is to provide a clear and defined road map that assists each athlete in obtaining their goal to play at the Next Level.

By utilizing athletic skills testing, objective scoring and the world's largest interactive sports recruiting network to promote each athlete to their "Athletic Index" matching college coaches and recruiters every month..

"Our Athletes Succeed!"

What We Do ...

Our ultimate goal is to provide each Two Four Sports athlete 
the opportunity to compete at the collegiate level and experience the excitement of being recruited.


Each athletes is required to provide video, baseline data and schedule a Benchmark Test to be Indexed, They also agree to benchmark test every 4 months and keep video current.


At Two Four Sports we only Promote & Market athletes to Colleges their Athletic Performance Index matches the strength of schedule.


Everyone now knows Benchmarks are the advantage in College Exposure. The numbers don't lie — athletes all over the USA get College Exposure everyday as a result of Two Four Sports' Benchmark Matching System®.


All athletes in the Two Four Sports' Benchmark Matching System® start off with 30 Days Free College Exposure - Guaranteed



Got your Index, Stop guessing and start testing.

Who We Are ...

Two Four Sports is the #1 Trusted Athletic Performance Index Service Provider in the USA. Two Four Sports' patented Benchmark Matching System® and proprietary Scouting software allows Two Four Sports to Index and Match recruits with colleges based on the Strength of Schedule.


Colleges and Universities know all Two Four Sports athletes will be Benchmarked, Scouted and Indexed.


Colleges & Universities, Student Athletes as well as any reputable Recruiting Services know, Data Delivers Scholarships. Therefore if scholarships were based on Benchmarking, and being matched based on key skills and measurements, there'd be a more clear and defined road map for athletes to the next level.


Benchmark Matching does increase college scholarship probability thus leading to more Two Four Sports athletes matched with colleges with whom they are likely to receive an athletic scholarship.



We don't guess where a kid can play, we measure it.