• Register now for the 2016 Spring/Summer season!!!  After March 1 we will only take registration on a "space available" basis.
    Register now for the 2016 Spring/Summer season!!! After March 1 we will only take registration on a "space available" basis.
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Girls Fast Pitch Lessons -
Register now for girls fast pitch lessons through the City of St. Peters.  Click here for more information.  
New Signage Program - Advertise your business at Strehl Fields or Old Towne Park Minimize

$$$ Get the most out of your advertising dollars $$$

Space still available!!!
  • Only $100.00 Per Sign
  • Signs may be posted at Strehl Field or Old Towne Park
  • 15,000 patrons enter our park annually
  • Each sign will occupy 32 square feet of advertising space
  • Signs should be constructed of 14 oz. Vinyl sign material, 48” X 96”, have wind slits cut into it, and have at least 4 grommets along each side and 5 on top and 5 on bottom.  
  • Each sponsorship includes a rotating ad spot on the website.

Contact SPAA Office for details or phone 636-397-3149.

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Equipment Handout
- Publish Date: Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Teams wishing to pick up equipment through SPAA may do so at any of the 3 equipment hand dates.  The next date will be February 23 from 7 - 8 pm at the Sports Complex (7 North Service Road in Old Towne St. Peters). 

SPAA offers catcher's gear and batting helmets and teams may pick up whatever is needed. 

For a complete manager's calendar of events, click here.

Employment Opportunities With SPAA
- Publish Date: Monday, January 18, 2016

Looking for a part time job for the summer/fall?  Click on the "Employment" tab above. 

SPAA is looking for park maintenance workers, concession workers and umpires for the upcoming season. We offer competitive pay and great work environment.  Check us out!

2016 Manager's Meeting and Final Ranking
- Publish Date: Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Monday, March 21 will be the annual SPAA manager's meeting and final ranking meeting.

The meetings will be held at the Community Council of St. Charles County (upstairs of the Spencer Road Library) and will begin at 6:30 PM.  Immediately following the manager's meeting we will go into final ranking for each age group, 

For a complete manager's calendar of events click here.

2016 Registration Open!
- Publish Date: Saturday, December 19, 2015

Team and individual registration is now open.  Click the "Registration" tab above to get started.  

For questions please call the SPAA office at 636-397-3149.

Practice Time at Strehl for 2016
- Publish Date: Tuesday, January 26, 2016

As many of you may have read, SPAA will not be using Strehl Field (located at 6000 Hwy N) for games this year.  We have been told construction on Hwy N will begin soon which could limit the traffic to all eastbound or all westbound at times. 


The SPAA Board of Directors has decided to utilize Strehl for permitted practice time this year.




To obtain a permit you must follow the procedures and policies listed below.


  1. At the current time permits will only be issued to SPAA teams that have a team set up with SPAA for the 2016 season or board member’s teams.  Should we have extra spots available, we will entertain the idea of opening it up to any team.

  2. Beginning February 1 - contact the SPAA office either via email (stpeteraa@spaa.com); phone (636-397-3149); or in person (19 Main Street, St. Peters, MO.)

  3. All practice slots will be 1 ½ hours in length.  Beginning at 5:00 PM on weekdays and 8:00 AM on weekends.  THERE ARE NO LIGHTS AT STREHL.

  4. There will be no charge for practice times issued up until April 4.  From April 4 on there will be a $15 charge/slot and this MUST be paid when you reserve the field.  NO RESERVATIONS WILL BE MADE WITHOUT PAYMENT. *** Any reservations being paid by credit card will be $16/slot.*** 

  5. Each team will be allowed to reserve 1 practice time per week for 6 weeks (do not have to be consecutive weeks).  Once you are down to 2 times left, you may reserve another 6 weeks.

  6. Beginning February 29, you may pick up any open slots that there may be for the following week. 

  7. Teams are expected to clean up after themselves and keep trash in the trash containers provided. 


  9. In the case of inclement weather, a credit will be given for your practice time as long as you cancel at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled time.  This must be done by email (stpeteraa@spaa.com), phone call (636-397-3149) or in person so a time stamp will be available.  Notification after your practice time was to begin will not be eligible for a credit.

  10. No credit will be issued for time scheduled and not used unless it falls under our inclement weather policy with proper notice. 

  11. Bases will not be out and fields will not be lined.  Mounds will be on the side of the field.  ABSOLUTELY NO METAL CLEATS ON THE MOUNDS.     

  12. Restroom facilities will not be available until the weather breaks and it is safe to turn the water on. 


    With this being our first time doing this, we will make adjustments as we need to and as directed by the SPAA Board of directors. 


    Teams are welcome to seek practice time and fields elsewhere.  This is just what SPAA can offer at this time. 

Umpires Needed
- Publish Date: Wednesday, October 7, 2015

SPAA is looking for experienced umpires to add to our already great core group of umpires.  SPAA pays top pay starting at $15 for a 1 hour game up to $45 per game for a 2 hour game.  Interested individuals should contact the SPAA Umpire in Chief, Bob Woodsmall, either by email at umpires@spaa.com or through the SPAA office at 636-397-3149. 

If you will be 14 by April of 2016, keep us in mind for a part time summer job next year.  Our training classes start in January.


Board Members Needed
- Publish Date: Thursday, October 2, 2014

The SPAA is an organization that relies on voluntary help of its members. The Board organizes the activities and sets the policies of our league. When elected, board members are elected for a 3-year term. All Board of Director rolls are done on a volunteer basis.

 Here are some of the requirements:

  • Open to Parents, coaches, and managers over 21 years of age.
  • Scheduled meetings held at 7 PM on the 3rd Sunday of each month.
  • Work on two or three SPAA committees that meet 1-3 times per year.
  • Have 2 full weeks of board duty during the summer and approximately 6 days of duty in the fall.
  • Attend 1 managers meetings per year. (March)
  • Have a desire to help the kids of our community.

For more information, contact Deanne or call 636-397-3149.

Coming for 2016
- Publish Date: Thursday, October 29, 2015

SPAA is getting ready for another Spring/Summer season and hopes you will join us. 

Are you a team or an individual looking for a place to play?  SPAA offers leagues for teams from ages 4 through 18 and even offers a 19 & Over Men’s League.  We offer t-ball; pitching machine; regular boys pitch; girls fast pitch; girls double header leagues for the more competitive teams; and a 19 & over men's baseball league. 

SPAA offers many benefits to the teams playing with us:


  1. Beginning with the Spring of 2016 SPAA will no longer have parent participation in the concession stand and no “buyout” fee for parent participation.

  2. 8U to 18U regular league will play 1 hour and 45 minute games so players can get home earlier.

  3. Family discounts for multiple players in the “regular Spring/Summer league” - $20 discount on 2nd child; $40 discount on 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc. child in same family.

  4. SPAA provides team liability insurance as well individual supplemental medical insurance for every player in all our leagues.

  5. Each player receives a free 12 ounce soda/Gatorade after their game.

  6. SPAA has “SPAA Night at Busch Stadium” every year where players may attend a game, walk on the field prior to the game and 1 lucky boy and girl will be drawn to throw out the first pitch.

  7. All 9U and up boys games will be played with a pitching mound. 

  8. Umpires are provided for all age games.  Our umpires are required to attend training and are some of the best umpires around the area.

  9. Concession prices are kept reasonable and the selection is great!

  10. Rainout information is updated on our website. NEW FOR 2016 – parents will be notified when a game is canceled by email/text message.

  11. Managers for the regular league are allowed to put in “blackout” dates prior to the schedules being generated and they reschedule their own rainouts. 

  12. SPAA has an office staff to answer your questions whether via email or phone.

Click below for details on the individual programs: 

4 year old T-ball- Coed

5 year old T-ball- Coed

6U pitching machine/t-ball Coed

7U pitching machine boys

8 & under girls pitching machine

8U pitching machine boys

9U to 18U boy’s regular baseball

10 & under to 18 & under girls recreational softball

12 & under, 14 & under, and 16/18 & under girls Double Header League

19 & Over Men’s league


For any other questions, please feel free to contact the SPAA office either by email (stpeteraa@spaa.com) or phone, 636-397-3149. 

Field Status
- Publish Date: Thursday, May 21, 2015

The "Status" box to the left is the field status box.  We will update field status by 4 PM on weekdays; 7:30 AM on Saturdays; and 11 AM on Sundays.  We have also added a feature that if games are canceled they will show at the top of this webpage.  If no games are canceled, there will not be anything there.  Please be sure and check this also, as on the weekend we may not cancel the whole day at one time. 

"Closed" means your field is not playing. (all locations closed means all SPAA fields are canceled)

A "Delayed" status means the field is still being checked or worked and we will updated again before the designated time.

If your field not on the list that means it is playing.

If you play in Lake St. Louis you will need to contact LSL at http://www.quickscores.com/nhybl

This box updates in real time, meaning as I put in a status for a field it updates immediately, even though I am still updating other fields.   Be sure and check the date and time at the bottom of the status box as I will update that when I am finished with updates for that particular time. 

Reschedule Instructions for Teams (except DH teams)
- Publish Date: Friday, May 8, 2015

The reschedule instructions for teams is in your manager's packet, but in case you have misplaced those, here they are again.

All teams will be rescheduling their own rainouts this year (with the exception of Girls DH).  Following are the instructions for this:

  1. Once your game is rained out you will get an email stating it is rained out.

  2. If you are the home team, you will be responsible for rescheduling the game.

  3. Go to the top right hand corner of the website and hit “login”

  4. Once you have put in your user name and password, go back to the top right and click on your name.

  5. Select your team registration

  6. Select the option “Reschedule games that have been postponed”

  7. If you were the home team of a rained out/postponed game, you will see the games available to reschedule.  NOTE:  if you were the visiting team, it will not be available for you to reschedule.

  8. Click on the game you want to reschedule.

  9. A list of dates/times will appear.

  10. DO NOT JUST “CONFIRM” A DATE AND TIME WITHOUT CHECKING WITH THE OTHER TEAM.  The best thing to do is to contact the other manager right away and together decide on a date and time.  

  11. You may reserve a date and time by clicking on them and then hit “click here to reserve this game date”.  You will need to click again on “temporarily reserve this game time” before it totally reserves it for you.  Be sure and follow the instructions on the screen to the end.

  12. Multiple time slots may appear for the same day.  You would need to select the EARLIEST time slot for that day so we can have a smooth schedule.  If for some reason you cannot play the earliest time slot of that day, please contact me to discuss the possibilities of using a later time slot on that day before reserving it. 

  13. 2 dates/times may be reserved at a time. Once you secure a reservation for one date you will be able to go back in and reserve a second date. 

  14. Once you reserve a date it is your responsibility to contact the opposing manager and get his approval.  A reservation will be held for 48 hours only. 

  15. When you both agree on a date, return to this location and “click here to reschedule this game now”

  16. Once you reschedule you will not be able to change the date, so be sure that is what you want to do.