Umpire Expectations


As umpires, we have to be aware of the needs and expectations of our primary clientele - the players and managers. We also should know that the title "umpire" means that we automatically put on a great many hats; that is, we assume a variety of roles when we become umpires. You cannot separate the expectations or the roles from the performance of the job.

Have you ever taken the time to consider how others perceive us as umpires. If you were a player, parent, coach, sponsor or any other person involved with the game, what would you expect of the umpires? Which of these would be on your list?

Umpires are expected to be:

  • Neatly dressed
  • Prompt and on-time
  • Approachable
  • Well educated in the rules
  • Clear in making calls
  • Poised, in control and in charge on the diamond
  • Consistent
  • Able to display good judgment and make accurate calls
  • Able to explain and clarify rules and rule interpretations
  • Confident
  • Prepared
  • Flexible
  • Hustling all the time
  • Decisive
  • Able to display rapport
  • Unbiased and objective
  • Able to make the tough call
  • Enforce the rules in an unbiased fashion
  • Respectful to the sport and its participants

There may be others points that you may wish to add to the list.

Quite a list, isn’t it! How do you measure up?


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