Some Commonly Held Misunderstood Beliefs

Here, in no particular order, are some beliefs about the game of baseball and its rules which are surrounded by misconceptions and misunderstanding:

All of these statements are false.
  1. When a batter is hit by a pitch, the hands are considered part of the bat.
  2. If a batted ball hits the plate first, it is foul.
  3. On an illegal pitch or balk, the ball is dead immediately.
  4. The batter cannot hit a pitch that bounces first.
  5. A runner must turn right after overrunning 1st base.
  6. On an overthrow that goes out of play, each runner gets the base he was going to, plus one.
  7. A runner may crash into a fielder in order to try to make him drop the ball.
  8. A fielder may never be blocking the path of a runner trying to reach the bag.
  9. It is a catch if an outfielder holds the ball "long enough" before tripping, falling or colliding with another fielder and dropping the ball.
  10. Runners cannot advance on an infield fly.
  11. The runner is automatically out if a base coach touches him/her.
  12. A runner stealing on a pitch that is foul tipped by the batter and caught by the catcher must return to his/her base.
  13. If a batted ball hits a runner, the runner is always out.
  14. Tie goes to the runner.
  15. Runners may not run the bases in reverse order.
  16. When fielding a batted ball, the fielder must yield to an advancing runner.
  17. A batter who runs up in the batter’s box should be called out.
  18. A batter who is standing in the batter’s box cannot be called out for interference.
  19. It is a strike on a check swing if the batter breaks his/her wrists.
  20. An umpire who is hit by a thrown ball has committed interference.
  21. The fielder must tag the base with the ball in his possession in order to record a force out.
  22. In order for interference to be called, it must be intentional.
  23. On an attempted bunt, it is a strike if the batter holds the bat across the plate as the pitch crosses.
  24. You have to touch the base involved while holding the ball to make an appeal.
  25. A throw to a base to try to retire a runner who left that base on a caught fly ball is a force out if the ball beats the runner to the bag.

Did you immediately recognize these as being false?

How many of these false statements did you question in your mind?

Make sure that you do not fall victim to these mistaken ideas.


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