Our college recruiting process starts in elementary

The college recruiting process starts at an early age.  Some would think early means 9th grade.  Maybe even 8th grade.  But no!  It starts as early as when a athlete first begins school.  How many young athletes start off committing to sports.  Practicing with the team, individual workouts, games, and more.  A young athlete can deal with a lot of pressure including parents.  So if sports can be that important.  Getting an early jump on the college recruiting process is important.  Not by competing in sports, but the class room.  Lets be honest, there are some schools that are better than others.  Some schools are more challenging than others.  So when the young athlete starts school, he should focus on grades, learning the proper way to study.  Its more important than playing the sport itself.  At TEAM RUMBLE, our young athletes get just as much school recruiting help than the high school kids going to college.  We focus on elementary players looking at strong, middle school/Junior high school placement.  Then we take the student through the high school recruiting process.  Last but not least, our high school athletes get top recruiting through the Prospect Exposure recruiting program.  Start early, stay focused, and see the big picture.
HUSTLE AND HEART, SET US APART. We are looking for players, teams, that will carry our philosophy in his or her sport. Show intensity, attitude, compete, and get after it like no other!!

Coach Everett Winchester