League Schedules and Standings

Each League appointed a person at Away Scheduling to maintain their online schedule and records. Please Note that your league, schedule and scores will only show if that person has entered them on the EZ League site.

RECORD KEEPERS:  Click Here ==> Maintain League Schedules & Scores
Please setup your league directly in EZ Leagues and maintain your scores there. It’s important to keep the schedule and results current.

These schedules are maintained by individual appointed record keepers for each league.  Each ball park also maintains its own official Home Park schedule.  Team managers should ensure that their home games listed here match the home games scheduled at their individual ball parks to prevent any confusion.

Please also consider emailing your opposing team manager before games to verify game times and locations.  This will ensure you both show up at the correct ball park at the same time. (Occasionally there is some confusion among team when someone writes down the wrong location or time. Verifying this information in advance of a game is always a good idea)