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Umpires & SLCAA Specific Rules

Umpiring and rules are always an important concern for coaches and parents of youth ball players.  The SLCAA uses Major League Baseball Official Rules as a base for boys’ rules and ASA Official Rules as a base for girls’ rules. Additionally, the association has published an agreed upon set of modifications for use by all member SLCAA ball parks.  Those modifications are contained in our annually published SLCAA Rulebook.

Boys MLB Rules:  Major League Baseball Official Rules

Girls ASA Rules:

2014 SLCAA Rule Book:    2014 SLCAA PDF Rule Book

League Championship Tie-Breaker Procedures
According to the SLCAA/MLB Baseball Rulebook section 1.07:  If two (2) or more teams are tied for the league championship at the close of the regular SLCAA league schedule, ALL these teams will be declared league champions.

Boys Baseball Tournaments:
Tournaments conducted by SLCAA member associations throughout the year will generally follow SLCAA rules with modifications for the tournaments as outlined by their park/association.  The tournament rules used by the SLCAA member association(s) are at the discretion of those parks/associations, and teams should verify the rules with that ball park prior to the tournament start date.