Umpire Rules & Duties Minimize


1.      If you cannot do a game that you have signed up for, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO FIND A REPLACEMENT. Your replacement must be the same age level

2.      Be on time: at least 30 minutes prior to first game.

3.      Dress in appropriate Umpire attire: VPAA Umpire shirt and hat, black athletic shoes, blue or black pants or shorts if you don’t have gray. NO KHAKIS.

4.      Find out WHO your partner is; Find your partner; Determine who will do plate/field.

5.      Determine if base changes and/or pitching mound changes are needed. IF SO BE PREPARED PRIOR TO PREVIOUS GAME ENDING

7.      Be on the field calling ground rules five to ten (5 - 10) minutes before game time. 

9.      Put your equipment WHERE IT BELONGS when you are finished. 

9..  BOTH umpires should have a watch. 

10..  NEVER talk about coaches, players, spectators or plays while others can hear you.  

11.  As umpires on the field you are in charge of the field before, during and right after the game. You answer ONLY to a Supervisor or Board Member on Duty . BUT REMEMBER: No one makes calls for you on the field. If any of the above are managers or coaches participating in your game, they are to be treated as such. Umpires (and the handling of their game) that show a tendency to be influenced by Board Members or Committee Members that are managing or coaching will not be tolerated.