Bicycle for Exercise

What’s the Best Type of Bicycle for Exercise?

Let’s face it, most people find it hard to stay in shape because going to the gym feels like a chore. There’s just no fun in it! The best kind of exercise is one that doesn’t take the joy out of the activity; something as thrilling as getting on a bike!

I’m not talking about the stationary bikes that confine you to the indoors. A good exercise bike is one that you can take outside and feel the wind in your hair for a dynamic and adventurous exercise session. 

However, you need to be careful when choosing an exercise bike as these come in all shapes and sizes. So, what’s the best type of bicycle for exercise?

Electric Bike

Most people look at electric bikes and feel like it’s cheating! On the surface, adding a powerful motor to a bike doesn’t exactly seem like you’re preparing for a workout. The truth is they couldn’t be further from the truth; electric bikes are actually great for exercising.

The electric motor that some people so much despise is what makes these bikes so suitable for fitness biking. The pedal-assist feature helps to take the strain out of biking and gives you the stamina to continue cycling for longer, which is better than going for more intensive but shorter training stints. 

According to a study, e-bike riders spend more energy on a weekly average compared to regular bike riders. This fact was attributed to the total hours put into the activity with e-bikers spending more time and covering longer distances than their counterparts. 

Furthermore, electric bikes ensure that biking remains fun on all kinds of terrains. Whether you’re riding on flat or hilly terrain, the effort you put into pedaling is more or less the same. The best part of it all is that you don’t have to worry about stretching your budget when investing in these kinds of bikes. 

There numerous low-cost electric bikes that will get the job done!

Recumbent Bike

The main characteristic of a recumbent bike is its reclining design. The seat feels more like a chair and allows you to lean back comfortably, meaning you won’t have to agonize about a sore back after a ride. The pedals have also been positioned in front of the rider’s feet in a more natural position to ride. 

A recumbent bike provides the rider with the most support. Unlike traditional upright bikes, the handlebars are at the sides as opposed to the front. This geometry helps to ease the stress on joints since your arms don’t remain stretched throughout the ride.

Generally, a recumbent bike offers bikers the lowest intensity workout as it engages the fewest muscle groups in the body. This means there is less overall stress to your muscles and joints, and you can always look forward to the next exercise session. They are particularly most useful to individuals with knee or back issues and those recovering from injuries. 

This type of bike will be an incredible thrill to anyone with reservations about getting on a two-wheeler to shed those extra calories. You are low on the ground and in a comfortable riding position as you speed across the tarmac just like a go-kart driver. 

However, an important thing to note is that recumbent bikes tend to be more of a specialty product. I recommend checking out the designs available in your neighborhood bike store and trying them out before deciding to buy. Remember that it is a notable transition from the standard cycling you’re accustomed to. 

To reduce the learning curve, you’d be wise to get a three-wheeled design as you try to get your feet wet. This will get the balance issue out of the way sooner than later before you move on to a two-wheeled design. Having said that, a great recumbent bike you could try out is the Technogym 700 Excite. 

Road Bike

Electric Bikes and Road Bike

Road bikes can be an excellent fit for anybody searching for a practical bike to kick-off their fitness journey. They are generally smaller and lighter than mountain or hybrid bikes, which gives you more control of the ride while saving you the burden of weight and bulkiness.

The tires are pretty thin with higher pressure to reduce contact and, therefore, friction with the road, which enhances smooth mobility. They also move faster and are better suited for long-distance training, especially if you’re riding on tarmac. 

These bikes are more rigid and require less pedal energy whenever you get on them. The conserved energy is instead used to propel you forward and allow you to achieve faster speeds. Road bikes are more dynamic with more gears to adapt more easily and better to the type of terrain you’re riding on. 

Another great thing about these bikes is that they are easy to ride and difficult at the same time. This allows you to push yourself to the limit during workouts. They are also easy to manage during long and intense training; you can go further with them while spending less energy. They are just perfect for fitness training!

However, you have to ensure that you’re getting the right fit when you decide to shop for a road bike. If you choose the wrong design, you might have to cope with a lot of muscle pain. You want your leg to be at a slight bend with the pedal at the lowest point during rotation. 

Meanwhile, your arms should also bend slightly at the elbow so that you’re not stretching too much to get to the handlebar. You can also go for a more comfortable saddle to reduce shock on bumps. Finally, you can’t leave out the appropriate gear such as a biking suit, helmet, and gloves for an easy-going training session. 


The main reason why more people are getting out of shape and those who embark on a fitness journey backslide is that most of the regimens they adapt feel like a burden. A great way to avoid this would be to find something that keeps you excited every time you’re doing it.

Riding a bike is an activity that allows you to stay in shape without making it seem like a chore, and the types of bikes mentioned above will make the perfect fit for fitness biking.