Best Speakers for ESport Gaming

The best part of E-sport gaming is the adrenaline flow that comes with getting immersed into the game. Nothing is more integral to making sure this is the case than the sound, whether for the background music or the dramatic effect of a booming audio.

Any hardcore gaming enthusiast looking for an immersive experience should get a high-definition surround system to complement the glorious graphics. Let us look at some of the best speakers for E-sport gaming in the market. 

Logitech Z623

The Z623 comes with the kind of specifications you’d want in a gaming sound system. This exciting 2.1 set was designed by experts who understand the alpha and omega of PC peripherals. 

The audio system features two satellite speakers, as well as a powerful dedicated subwoofer with a peak performance of 400W. It is also THX-certified and offers the kind of full surround experience to bring your game into life. 

The speakers are quite easy to set up and feature a built-in headphone jack in case you don’t want to disturb the neighbors. Furthermore, the controls have been integrated to offer effortless bass and volume adjustments. 

 Bose Companion 2 series 

The Bose Companion 2 series is a decently priced speaker system that will immerse you in the game. Thanks to the expertise of Bose engineering, these speakers provide you with a deeper low-frequency sound perception than your standard set of computer speakers. 

The casing features a ported cabinet design that makes for better low-end sound clarity from this relatively small set. The audio sounds remarkably spacious, which is a credit to the high-quality TrueSpace digital signal processing that enhances the dispersion to deliver richer audio.

The audio set is also easy to assemble. A built-in wire from the speakers connects directly to your PC or Mac, and these are compatible with most operating systems. There’s even an auxiliary input that lets you connect to an extra device. You also get to a gaming headphone connection and the ability to control the volume as needed. 

Razer Leviathan: Dolby 5.1

Razer is a brand that caters specifically to a computer-clicking market! They have a reliable reputation from the kind of products they offer to the industry and the Dolby 5.1 is no different. When you consider that they manufacture gaming-specific laptops and PC accessories with high-performance design, it’s only fair to assume that they produce the best gaming speaker set

This 5.1 audio set features a convenient space-saving design that consists of two full-range drives, two tweeters, as well as a dedicated subwoofer to offer the complete surround that you want in a gaming speaker system. The tweeters provide an excellent high-frequency sound perception that helps to balance out the bass. 

There is also a range of multimedia uses, with three easy to operate preset equalizer settings appropriately calibrated to sound profiles like movies, music, and even gaming. You will also appreciate the modern convenience of Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC connectivity for when you want to stream music directly. 


There are numerous brands available that manufacture PC speakers, but not all are suitable for gaming. If you’re looking to enliven your boring gaming sessions, the above are just some of the best speakers for gaming the market has to offer.