Advice to Those Considering Choosing Archery as a Sport

Archery is a great pass time for people who like the outdoors. It helps to improve your concentration, enhance your upper body strength, as well as boost your hand-to-eye coordination. 

However, it can be very confusing for someone who has been to a shooting range. So, if you are thinking of seriously taking up archery as a sport, the following are essential tips about the game that you should know. 

Join a Club with Good Coaches

To get started with archery, you need to find an archery club that will introduce you to the sport. You should look for experienced people who have been in the game for a while to hone your skills. This way, you can be sure that you’re laying the right foundation for your archery career. 

Rent Before you Buy

Typically, clubs will provide new members with archery gear free of charge and rent it to them. Many people get the urge to buy their own equipment when joining a club but this may not be the best course of action. We recommend renting and getting a feel of the equipment before you spend on something you’re not yet sure of. 

Start with the Basics

There are several fundamental steps that any student of the sport should first perfect to be a great archer. These include things such as hand placement, stance, aiming, drawing, holding, anchoring, release, follow-through, etc. Be sure to master them to improve your chances of becoming a pro of the sport.

Patience Pays

It doesn’t take long to know how to shoot a bow and arrow. For some people, it may only take a matter of minutes before they are hitting the center of the target. However, nailing the bull’s eye doesn’t suddenly make you a master. It will take you months, if not years of training before you can size yourself up against the professionals.

Choose the Right Equipment for You

If you join a club that doesn’t offer any equipment to new members, then make sure that you invest in specialist beginner equipment that will simplify your training sessions. This will mean finding the appropriate size of a bow that doesn’t take too much effort to pull, as well as long enough arrows that you won’t draw past the bow.

For instance, a recurve bow is better suited for a beginner than an adjustable compound bow. This will help to shorten your learning curve and get you past the basics before you know it. You might have to consult an expert to ensure that you get the appropriate gear! 

Work on Your Physical and Mental Conditions

Archery can be an effort-intensive sport, especially if you plan to compete in tournaments. As such, you need to work on your physical condition, with a keen focus on your upper body strength. This is because the more powerful your upper body is, the more control you’ll have over the shot.

But it’s not only your physique that should worry you, but your mental state is also just as critical. You need to work on your concentration and know how to clear your head when aiming at the target. The right state of body and mind is the winning formula that you should be aiming for.

Don’t Get Tired of Training

Just like in any other sport, practice makes perfect! Before you become an excellent archer, days of practice need to be spent in the archery range. It takes dedication and discipline to maintain a daily training schedule. Also, remember to gauge your progress by practicing under competitive conditions. 

Know when to Stop

It is good to remain dedicated to practice, but you shouldn’t push yourself beyond the limit. Always know when to stop and take a rest. Once you feel that you’re getting too weak or your mind is not in it anymore, it doesn’t hurt to call it a day and look forward to the next training session. 

Have Fun!

Don’t take the blunders you keep on making too seriously; rather, learn from them and keep your head high. Remember that archery is a sport that needs to be enjoyed to bring out the best in you.