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Boys HS
Scott Holtmann
15U Town Coopers
(314) 541-9888
The Town Coopers is a 15U Freshmen High School team. Founded by Nick Mahrt, Commissioner of the local Lewis & Clark Collegiate Baseball League, the Town Coopers is coached by Lafayette High School Asst. Baseball Coach Scott Holtmann. The team is recruiting pitchers who can hit or players who want to be pitchers only. Contact Coach Holtmann at the number provided or email him at
Boys HS
Nick Herrin
St. Louis Seminoles
Varies by team-- AA/AAA/Major
314 853 5853
Looking for talented players to join one of our three high school teams. Affordable baseball team has produced much talent. Contact us at if interested in trying out. Also can call 314 853 5853
Boys HS
Nick Herrin
STL Seminoles Has a Few More Spots Left
314 8535853
Looking for a few more high schoolers to fill out the rosters for our 18U and 16U squads. Must be competitive, coachable. Call 314 8535853 or email for more info.
Boys U07
I want noah to be on the team with coach eisenloeffel the Royals
Boys U09
Bruce Golden
B-09U-Silver--Bruce Golden
My Son Ryan Feng is a 3rd grade at highcroft ridge elementary school. He wants to join a base ball team.
Boys U09
Blum, David
B-09U-Silver -- Blum, David
Don't know
Ryan Feng wants to join the team of B-09U-Silver -- Blum, David. Thank you !
Boys U09
Dave Simon
St Louis Angry Cards
Gold Select - AAA
Looking for 1 "Top 5" player!! Become a member of St Louis newest baseball club, the St Louis Angry Cards. This is an existing team and we have committed to play at CBSA at the Select 9U level this Spring 2014. This would be boys born on or after May 1st, 2004. We plan to offer a generic non-baseball specific Speed, Agility, and Strength Conditioning program again this year for the team & families during the off season that has been very popular! Pre-season practices start in January each year. We typically have 1 ¾ hours of fielding practice each week and 1 hour of batting cages each week. We may have a few additional practices/practice games. High attendance at practices is required & expected. We are scheduled to play 12 league games plus 5-6 tournaments. We are only interested in boys with a good attitude, love baseball, have the desire to get better, and have above average ball skills. We are an instructional team and have a very good program designed to be a lot of fun while teaching baseball skills & sportsmanship. Here are some traits in a player/parents we are looking for in our "Top 5" candidates: 1) Player is Coachable and has a good, team oriented attitude. 2) Good throwing ability and solid fielding ability 3) Baseball comes first during ball season (within reason, of course) 4) Parents that want to help and are on board with our team philosophy. 5) Parents who want their son to compete at the AAA Level they can excel on their high school team and advanced ball in the future. Our coaches do not yell at nor berate the players! If this sounds like a team you would like your son to be a part of, please contact Dave Simon by phone or email to receive a tryout application
Boys U09
Dave Simon
St. Louis Angry Cards
9U team looking for a few awesome players FOR THIS SEASON. Must be dedicated, love the game, and love to have fun! contact Dave Simon for details!
Boys U10
Chris Mullaney
STL Bears
Select Silver/AA/AAA
Looking for 1 player pitcher or catcher only. Preferably with select experience. We will play league games at CVAC and Affton? plus 6 tournaments. We are looking for 1 more player to develop for the long term. Serious players please call for a workout time.
Boys U10
Jeff Bookout
American Gold
The Gunners are looking for 1-2 players to finalize our spring 2014 roster. We play two leagues (Chfld and Ellisville - Red Division) and 2-3 tournaments per year. We are very competitive but not a select team. Please contact me for a tryout. 314-210-3506
Boys U10
Graham Yost
American Silver
Looking for a few more players that are looking to have fun, improve their game and join a team that will grow together.
Boys U11
Jim Green
Missouri Red Raiders
Gold Select - AA
The Missouri Red Raiders are looking to add an experienced select player to our current 2014 roster for tournaments. Seeking a high level athlete who is an experienced pitcher. We are playing Chesterfield Gold select again this year plus around 6-8 tournaments with one to two out of town. Please email or call Jim Green directly if interested at #314-853-2888.
Boys U11
Robert Tiemann
St. Louis Browns
American League Gold
We are looking for one more player to finish out our roster. We are interested in any boy looking to play competitive baseball this summer. We will be playing 5-6 local tournaments in addition to the CBSA league. Please call or email at 636-866-9500 if you are interested.
Boys U11
Doug Whiteside
STL Pirates - Whiteside
314-606-6028 (
Contact Doug at Looking for 1-2 athletic players either full time or part time for tourneys. Team plays at Major/AAA level. Team will play 50-60 games and travel to Louisville, Omaha and KC. Team will be going to Cooperstown and Dallas in 2015. Team focus is development and playing top competition.
Boys U12
Duane Smith
Team Missouri
12U AAA/ Major
Top-level 12U team in need of 1 player for the summer season. Potential to also attend Cooperstown with team. Please contact Dionne Terrell immediately if interested
Boys U12
Andrew Moore
Team Missouri
12U A/AA
12U A/AA team looking to fill 2-3 roster spots for the Summer Season. Will ply both local and travel tournaments. Please contact Andrew Moore at 314.809.9032 to schedule a tryout.
Boys U12
Mark Stehle
12u Silver
Looking for 3 players. beginner and up
Boys U13
James Ahern
St. Louis Redbirds Elite Blue
1/28/2014 The STL Redbirds AAA/Elite (BLUE) Baseball Team is looking for one player to round out our roster for the Spring/Summer 2014 season. Ideal player should be committed and capable of competing at the 13/U AAA level in the Chesterfield Gold Division. Player should be committed and willing to work hard to make the Redbirds Elite Baseball Team successful.The Redbirds have a great track record of helping players achieve their goals of getting to the next level. Visit the Redbirds website at Notable Redbird alumni include Ryan Howard of the Philadelphia Phillies and David Freese of the St Louis Cardinals. If you have any further questions and are interested in setting up a tryout contact James at or 314-565-2747 or Shannon at (314) 581-2003.
Boys U13
Rawlings Tigers-Clark
13U Rawlings Tigers(AAA/Major) team is looking for 1 player to round out their roster. The 13U Tigers were a top finisher in the Platinum Division in 2013. We will play 10-12 AAA/Major tournaments and 13U Platinum at Chestefield. Player must have success Pitching at the AAA/Major level. Please contact Rob Clark at #314-452-5431 or for a private tryout.
Boys U13
Scott Derleth
Select Silver
The Bulldogs are looking for a couple more players for the 2014 Spring season. We will be playing Select Silver
Boys U13
Boys U13
My son Sam Snyder is joining the Rebels coached by Stuart Parker. He has played a couple of years of baseball, but is was several years ago. That is why I have put him down as a beginner.
Boys U13
Scott Van Hoye
Rawlings Prospects - Van Hoye
Select Platinum/AAA
(314) 303-0080
As of March 3rd - 13U Rawlings Prospects - Van Hoye is looking for 2 highly committed players to complete our roster. Please contact Scott at (314) 303-0080 or for a private tryout.
Boys U13
Sterwart Parker
Parker Rebels
Jake has not played before on a team. He has played with friends just for fun but has good hand and eye coordinaton.
Boys U13
Rawlings Prospects Premier - Bannister
13U Rawlings Prospects Premier-Bannister is looking for 1 additional AAA player to complete our roster. Please call Andy Bannister at 314.495.8476 to schedule a private tryout.
Boys U13
John D Santangelo
Rawlings Prospects
The Rawlings Prospects 13U AAA program is looking for one more player to add to its 2014 roster. Interested parents and players should contact head coach John Santangelo for details about the program and season. We are looking for players and families who are commited to baseball excellence!
Boys U13
Ryan Burcham
Rawlings Tigers (AAA/MAJOR)
The 13U Rawlings Tigers (AAA/Major) team is looking for 1 player to fill our roster who has experience Pitching at the AAA/Major level Please contact Ryan for tryout information. #636-497-6430 or
Boys U14
verry good
My name is Shilen and am playing as catcher pitcher infield short stop
Boys U14
E.J. Basta
St Louis Redbirds
14u Platinum
The St Louis Redbirds are looking for 2 players to complete our roster for the upcoming summer. Our teams complete in league play along with 10 tournaments. (55-55 game schedule). The Redbird team are coached by hired coaches who have professional and collegiate playing experience. The Redbirds have been an organization in the St Louis are since 1987 and have sent 100s of players to college and professional levels. Our most famous alumni include Ryan Howard of the Philadelphia Phillies and David Freese of the Anaheim Angels. To inquire about a tryout please email
Boys U14
Mike Killian
Rawlings Prospects
The Rawlings Prospects 14U program is still looking for several 14U players and also assistant coaches. If interested please contact Mike Killian at
Boys U14
Gary Kane
Team Missouri(Gauspohl)
AAA/Gold level
Team Missouri - We are looking for an experienced catcher who is available for 50+ games this spring/summer. We play league and 8 tournaments.
Boys U14
Bill Diel
St. Louis VooDoo
314-363-1681 Bill
St. Louis Voodoo is looking for another player to complete their 2014 roster. We are a  AAA/majors team and have plans to play in league and approximately 12 tournaments for a total of about 50 games. Our team is committed to develop players for both high school and beyond. If interested contact Bill Diel at 314-363-1681.
Boys U14
Mark Murphy
Team Missouri
14U AA team looking to fill two roster spots for the 2014 summer season. Will compete in the Chesterfield league, and both local and travel tournaments. Specifically looking for catcher and pitcher. Contac Mark Murphy at 636.734.7688 to schedule a try-out