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2013 Work Duty Program Registration

Parents are required to work 2 concession duties per family or may opt to buyout of the work duty for $130. Each team is given two work duty exemption codes to be used by managers, coaches, team parents, etc. Should your regularly scheduled duty be rained out, Ellisville Athletic Association may contact you to fulfill your duty at another time during the season.

Please contact Bob Branstetter (bbran1@charter.net) with any questions or reschedule requests.

We will no longer require a $200 concession deposit check, however if you miss your duty your credit card will be charged $100 for each missed duty.

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Will Work Your Duty Minimize
The following "EAA Concession Staff" will work your concession duty for a fee.  Please call one of the numbers listed below and make arrangements with them to cover your shift.  This contract is between the parent scheduled for duty and whoever they hire off of this approved list to work their shift, EAA will NOT be involved in the transaction at all and will always hold the parent who is scheduled for duty responsible for the shift.  Please make sure the worker signs the sign in book by your name to verify that they worked for you.  Thank You.

Vicki Goldstein 314-805-1914 vgoldstein63@gmail.com
Gayle Bacon 314-452-1100 gaylebacon@earthlink.net
Jenny Brunnert 573-694-4191 jbrunnert@live.maryville.edu
Bob Morris 636-284-5188
Terri Adzick 314-799-0620 adzickt@sbcglobal.net
Diane Dunger 314-593-5015 dmdunger@yahoo.com
Sami Dunger 314-479-0427 sami.dunger@gmail.com
Mimi Lemon 636-448-1776 mimilemon@att.net
Peggy Schmitz 314-330-3558 pschmitz296@aol.com
Stacy Chanski 636-273-0413 stacychanski@yahoo.com
Stacy Taggart 314-960-1525 staceytaggart@att.net
Hillary Bourner 636-614-8679 hillary_marie@hotmail.com
Mary Stevens 314-540-4138 marymosca1@aol.com
Sarah Jones 314-651-2727 sarahljones14@gmail.com
Renee Rachell 314-348-1674 rmrachell@att.net
Kelly Dowling 314-623-0363 kdowling50@gmail.com

Need to Trade Your Duty Minimize
If you are interested in trading a concession duty day, please forward your name, duty date/ time, and contact information to Don Hoffman at  hoffmand71@gmail.com,  who will place your request here for others to see and possibly contact you regarding a trade.  As always, EAA is not involved in the trading transaction or the repaying of dates.  EAA will always hold the parent scheduled for the duty as the responsible party to cover the shift.  




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