What is your refund policy?

The Executive Committee has the sole authority to grant refunds only after review at its next regularly scheduled meeting.

A copy of the original registration receipt is required.

    Refunds are granted only under specific guidelines:
  1. Participant is physically unable to participate due to injury. (DOCTORS NOTE REQUIRED)
  2. Participant's family is relocated.(PROOF IS REQUIRED)
  3. The Association is unable to provide a team or league for the registrant to participate.
    Refunds are not granted for the following reason:
  1. Participant chooses to change team, divisions, or leagues.
  2. Parents disapprove of Manager, Coach, team members, or parents of players.
  3. No copy of registration receipt.
  4. After the completion of the first (1st) regularly scheduled league game.
  5. Participant(s) or parents of participant(s) disagree with established policies, practices, or guidelines set forth by the Association.


What is your policy on outside food or drinks?

At the Florissant Area Athletic Association our concession stand is what runs our park.

Our policy is NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINKS ARE ALLOWED to be brought into the ball park.

We do ALLOW players to bring in WATER or GATORADE for them to drink.

Managers are responsible for any outside food or drinks that is brought in the ball park from parents on the team.

If outside food or drink is found the manager of the team will get one warning to resolve the issue. if the issue is not resolved the manager will forfeit the game.

We are sorry for doing this but as we said the concession is what keeps our park running and our prices reasonable. We thank you for time in is matter. And please remember this park is run by volunteers.

What is your policy on pets allowed in the park?

At Florissant Area Athletic Association, we DO NOT ALLOW PETS. We know you love your pets and your dog may be friendly. However, for the safety of all visitors and participants at the ball park, please do not bring your pets to the park..

We thank you for your corporation in this matter.