We are pleased to announce that Gametime Tournaments will be hosting tournaments at FAAA. Please click the link below to their website to view and /or register for upcoming tournaments.

Game Time Tournaments

Mid Week Madness at Wiethaupt Fields! 

Midweek Tournaments are a  whole new alternative to old fashion league play!  Also great for tournament only teams to keep your team sharp or give your parents the weekend off.   

Play starts May 8 – June 28 2018 


  1.  All Midweek games. All games on Tuesday and Wednesday nights(Thursday for rain outs)  
  1.  All divisions play a DH on Tuesday night and 1 game at 6:15 on Weds.  Tournament style 1 v 2 plays at 8:00pm on Wednesday for awards every week!  
  1. 8 Weeks of play starting on May 8 – June 28(2 weeks in July for rain outs)  
  1.  Teams can choose their own schedule with a choice of 1-8 weeks of play.  6:15 and 8:00pm  
  1.  Less expensive than almost any league with No concession Duty!  No admin fees!  No insurance to buy or association to join! No sanctioning fees! No roster fees!  All fields have age appropriate fences and infields.  
  1.  No more playing against the same teams over and over!  A or B & AA skill levels!  Great competition every week against lots of different teams.  
  1. Exciting fast paced games with awards for 1st and 2nd place every week!  
  1. GameTime Tournaments Umpires
  2. Ages 9-14u Baseball / 7-8u Machine Pitch

Any one week $350(7-8u $265)

4 week package $1255(12-16 games)(7-8u $985) Machine Pitch

 6 week package $1830(18-24 games)(7-8u $1440) Machine Pitch

8 week package $2400(24-32 games)(7-8u $1900) Machine Pitch


Please call Rob @ 636-439-1076 for details 


Game Time Tournaments