To try and keep your experience at FAA as safe and fun as possible

                                                                 The following are NOT allowed on the premises:

                                                                                 *NO Weapons

                                                                                 *NO Pets

                                                                                 *NO Outside food or beverages

                                                                                 *NO Bicycles

                                                                                 *NO inline skates/ skateboards/ scooters

                                                                                 *NO Un-sportsman like demeanor


Fenton Athletic Association

Baseball/Softball Rainout Line - (314) 331-0207





Board Members Wanted!!!

 FAA is run by volunteers and we are looking for a few good men and women who are interested in joining the board.  There are positions open on both baseball/softball and soccer.  If you are interested in helping FAA become an even better park, please contact us for more details.


At the Fenton Athletic Association we are looking to partner with local businesses in an effort to bring the community together. We have over 850 teams / 10,000 players and 25,000+ friends and family coming through our facility this year. We would love the opportunity to direct our supporters to your location while at the same time strengthening our bond with the Fenton Community.

Please review Partnership Opportunities @ Fenton Athletic Association / Partnership