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 Making Sense of the Complex NCAA, NAIA, NJCCA Rules

Rick Allen was one of the first full time NCAA compliance directors in the country and worked on-campus at two major Division I universities for over 25 years before starting Informed Athlete in 2008.

Informed Athlete has helped THOUSANDS of student-athletes and their families and he can help YOU! Because of his many years of hands-on experience working with and interpreting the NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA rules, he has a thorough understanding of how they work, how they are implemented, and how they overlap. Rules are explained in a way that helps parents and athletes thoroughly understand what the rules mean and how they apply to their unique situation.

Informed Athlete provides accurate information, education, advice and guidance to high school and college athletes and their parents on issues related to recruiting, eligibility, scholarships, and transfers for NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA rules. Their goal is to help ease the stress for student-athletes and their parents as they navigate through the process armed with the knowledge they need to make the best decision for their athlete and family. You can be assured that anything you share with Informed Athlete is kept within the strictest confidence and is not shared with anyone else.

Informed Athlete University

Informed Athlete University is a learning resource center where you can find in-depth answers to your questions about athletic recruiting, eligibility, scholarship and transfer rules as they relate to the most current NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA compliance rules. The launch of Informed Athlete University is an extension of our mission and will provide additional guidance, support, and education through a membership learning center to give you a better understanding of how the rules apply to our clients’ unique situations. In other words, we help you not only understand the rules, but show you options you have based on your unique situation and how you can actively apply them for the best possible outcome.

Informed Athlete's mission is to make a difference and lessen the stress in the lives of student-athletes and their parents.
We do this by providing information, guidance, and resources so they can make informed decisions that will provide the best opportunity for a positive outcome, both academically and athletically.

Since 2008, Informed Athlete has helped thousands of student-athletes and their families navigate through the maze of NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA rules. 

We focus on 4 areas:

  1. College recruiting
  2. Academic and athletic eligibility
  3. Academic and athletic scholarships
  4. College athletic transfers.

The idea for Informed Athlete came to us in 2006 after many years of sitting in bleachers and traveling to watch our own son play baseball and having parents frequently approaching Rick to ask his advice and answer questions related to their sons and daughters. We realized we could combine our skills to help families and student-athletes navigate through their often confusing, complicated, and overwhelming situations.

Important NEW NCAA Eligibility Requirements

Posted September 11, 2015

If you’re a 2016 high school grad or younger (or the parent or coach of one), are you on track to be eligible for competition as a freshman at an NCAA Division I program?
Will you be eligible to receive an athletic scholarship and travel with your team, even if you plan to redshirt as a freshman to get bigger and stronger?  The NCAA has revised the academic requirements that incoming athletes must satisfy to be eligible to compete during the freshman year Read more ...